How to Download 'Delta Rune': Free Sequel to 'Undertale' Drops on Halloween

For the past 24 hours, the Undertale Twitter account has been teasing that something big is about to happen. The account has been posting cryptic messages in capital letters, telling fans that have been waiting that "I look forward to creating a new future with you." Players who couldn't get enough of the quirky RPG have been debating online what could be coming next and now we finally know. Delta Rune is a free sequel to Undertale, continuing the game's story and catching up with Toriel, Sans and more.

Toby Fox, creator of Undertale has asked fans not to share any spoilers for the next 24 hours, so the only way to find out what weird world lies ahead is to play. We won't be spoiling the game here, but if you are looking for walkthroughs or how to beat any of the secret bosses, the internet has you covered.

How to Download Delta Rune

You can play Delta Rune on Mac or Windows by downloading the file at The site warns that there will be flashing imagery and that "you accept everything that will happen from now on." If you currently can't install the game from the site, it may just be flooded with users trying to get in. Just wait a few minutes and try again, pressing F5 over and over will only continue to overload the site.

Delta Rune's installer does have issues and can delete your entire game. Fox on Twitter says that the uninstaller could delete the entire directory for the game. He recommends not uninstalling the game if you can avoid it.

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