Delta Shoves 22 Memes Into Cringeworthy New Safety Video

Overly attached girlfriend, a meme, appears with a Delta employee in the airline's new safety video. Delta/YouTube

It looks like Delta has just discovered the Internet and it has a decided to shove it all into one video to make up for lost time. So, if you thought you'd never have to think about Keyboard Cat, Double Rainbow Guy and Peanut Butter Jelly Time again, you were wrong. You'll have to think about them while flying in a metal can through the sky.

The Harlem Shake, which no one ever needed to hear again, also makes an appearance.

The video also goes through all of the regular safety regulations, like where the safety doors and rafts are. But all of this is pointed out in a browser where one of the tabs is "Charlie Bit My Finger," and you guessed it, Charlie and his brother appear in the video.

If you haven't hit peak Internet by then, you can look forward to a dancing banana pointing to the illuminating lights and a Dramatic Chipmunk gesturing toward the Exit sign.

I look forward to watching this video on a plane with my grandmother, and all other people who don't obsessively look at Internet memes, to see their looks of absolute confusion. As for everyone else, well, I guess people will actually listen to the safety instructions for once. But I don't think they'll remember where the emergency exits are after all that goat screaming.