Democrats Allege Stephen Miller's 'Demonstrable White Nationalist Ideology' Directly Influences Donald Trump's Policy

A group of Democratic senators are calling for Stephen Miller's removal, arguing that his "demonstrable white nationalist ideology" has infiltrated the policy of President Donald Trump's administration.

"Simply put, Mr. Miller is unfit to serve in any capacity at the White House, let alone as a senior policy adviser," the group of lawmakers, including California Senator Kamala Harris, wrote in a letter that is expected to be sent to the White House on Monday. The letter was first reported by Huffpost.

Miller has served as a senior adviser for policy since the start of the Trump administration. Calls for his removal have increased after leaked emails showed he promoted the ideas of people considered white nationalists.

In the messages, Miller tried to link refugees and asylum seekers to terrorism. In one email written in September 2015, Miller wrote that Muslim refugees had created "huge pockets of radicalization" in the U.S.

"It has never been easier in American history for illegal aliens to commit crimes of violence against Americans," he wrote in another email dated January 5, 2016.

The emails were first reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit legal advocacy group, last month. The organization analyzed 900 emails sent by Miller to Breitbart, a conservative media outlet, from 2015 to 2016.

The White House defended Miller after the emails were leaked. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham slammed the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "far-left smear organization" and deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley claimed that Miller "loves this country and hates bigotry in all forms."

stepehn miller cabinet meeting trump november 2019
Stephen Miller, White House senior adviser for policy, listens during a Cabinet Meeting at the White House November 19. Some civil rights groups, like the NAACP and Anti-Defamation League, have also penned a letter to the White House demanding Miller's removal. Oliver Contreras/Sipa USA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Miller has been the architect behind many of Trump's controversial immigration policies including the "zero tolerance" guideline that forced migrant children to be separated from their parents and the Muslim travel ban.

"Each and every one of these policies has a disproportionate adverse impact on communities of color and our country. Each and every one of them aligns with the white nationalist ideals espoused by Mr. Miller in his e-mails," the senators' letter reportedly reads.

Prominent civil rights groups, like the NAACP and Anti-Defamation League, also penned a separate letter to the White House demanding Miller's removal last month. The organizations, led by the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, wrote that "supporters of white supremacists and neo-Nazis should not be allowed to serve at any level of government."

"The heightened anti-immigrant and anti-minority sentiments driving the policies of this administration are undoubtedly linked to the alarming rise of hate crimes and the highest number of hate-fueled murders in recent history," the groups said.