Dentist's Viral Hack For Brushing Baby's Teeth Branded 'Traumatizing'

Brushing a young child's teeth is not the easiest task. Many kids will do everything in their power to avoid the toothbrush, from running away to tears and tantrums.

One mom on TikTok—who happens to be a dentist—has come up with a solution. A video showing her technique for brushing the teeth of her "wiggly one year old" has been watched more than 4.1 million times.

Dr Joyce Kahng, from Orange County in California, who posts on the app as @joycethedentist, shared her clip with the caption: "The only thing that has worked for my wiggly 1 year old [stressed-face emoji] #babytok #newmomtips #babyhack."

So, what does her method entail? The dentist demonstrates her technique on her son, explaining: "Gently wrap your legs over the baby's arms and legs if needed," before adding: "Brush those teeth."

The video, which can be watched here, has attracted more than 177,300 likes and 28,800 shares since it was posted on January 2.

Many TikTokers have left comments praising the dentist's parenting hack. One user, Brianna, wrote: "Brushing is so important! I worked in a pediatric dental office and the amount of parents who blamed decay on non cooperating kids is not ok."

Another person, Liz, posted: "This should be taught everywhere! I had to invent a freaking song to get my kids through it!"

Dr. Ciapciak wrote: "This is a great tip!! Saving to share with my patients with little ones."

Patrycja Jedraszczyk thought: "Going to try this! Honestly my baby knows how to fight me."

Instant Pot TikTok revealed: "This is how I got my two year olds rapid test."

Not everyone was convinced by Kahng's method, however. One user, Patitos_love, commented: "That's traumatizing."

To this, Dr Kahng responded: "To each their own. I would rather do this than him having cavities drilled at the dentist..."

Vaso_c typed: "Really isn't necessary. slowly and patiently they will learn. besides who has time for that 3 times a day per child."

Another hack for encouraging child hygiene went viral on TikTok earlier this month. The trick, which encourages kids to wash their hands, involves putting some Lego bricks inside a clear soap dispenser.

The hack, shared by an account called Washy_wash, can be done with any type of small—waterproof—toy and means kids are motivated to use the hand wash so they can get their hands on the toys.

Newsweek has contacted Dr Kahng for further comment.

Stock image of a baby brushing their teeth. On TikTok a dentist has shared her hack for getting kid's teeth clean. iStock