'Deplorable' Home Zoo Full of Wild Animals Found in Ohio

Rescuers from an animal charity in Ohio found over 50 animals, including dogs, snakes and endangered turtles, living in a home in some of "the worst conditions they had ever seen."

At least 52 animals, many of which appeared in need of veterinary care, were removed from a Youngstown house on Tuesday, after its residents had passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to a Facebook post from the Animal Charity of Ohio.

"When [the rescuers] entered the home what they saw was best described as a zoo," the charity said in the post. "Animals of several different species everywhere in deplorable conditions all needing vet care urgently."

We received an urgent call from Youngstown zoning this morning. The Youngstown Fire Department was called to a house this morning on North side of Youngstown. The residents had passed out from carbon...

The nonprofit said that fourteen of the animals had been found dead. Over the course of two hours, rescuers found eight dogs, four rabbits, three Guinea pigs, two hedgehogs, two turkeys, two foxes, two ferrets and two raccoons believed to have rabies, according to 21 News.

The rescue team—made up of members of the Animal Charity of Ohio, the Mahoning County Dog Warden, and local emergency services—also found 15 fish and several exotic reptiles, including three endangered turtles, a tortoise, a bearded dragon and two axolotl.

"There was not one animal that was not in filth or feces," Jane MacMurchy, Operations Director and Humane Agent for the Animal Charity of Ohio, told 21 News. "They have burns from urine and feces on their bellies and on their paws."

The house has since been red-tagged by Youngstown code enforcement officials due to the amount of animal excrement inside it.

"There are multiple violations for the city ordinances that would deem it a hazard and dangerous for individuals to remain here," Youngstown Officer of Housing and Code Enforcement Curtis Flaviani told 21 News.

Three days before the incident, the couple who lived in the house had been taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning after they had used kerosene heaters indoors, 21 News reported, citing Flaviani, who added the home had no heat or water.

Rescue dog
Photo of a homeless dog at a rescue shelter. At least 52 animals, many of which appeared in need of veterinary care, were found in an Ohio home. AwaylGl/Getty

The Facebook post by the Animal Charity of Ohio has been shared hundreds of times, and many have shared their thoughts.

"Absolutely disgusting! This makes me sick! What kind of people do this to animals," one user commented.

"I thought I'd stop being surprised when I see these hoarding cases but this one may take the cake. My mouth is on the floor," said another.

The charity said that charges are pending for the couple, although this has not been confirmed by the local police.

Newsweek has contacted Animal Charity of Ohio and Youngstown police for comment.