Despite Deflategate, Tom Brady Jersey Tops NFL Shop Sales

Tom Brady Jersey
Fans wearing New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady jerseys, a top seller in May 2015, regardless of the Deflategate scandal. Brian Snyder/Reuters

May might have been the worst month of Tom Brady's career, but the veteran player was still able to rake in dough for the NFL at the peak of the Deflategate scandal. His jersey was the best-selling for a veteran player in the league's shop last month, the same month an NFL investigator implicated the star quarterback in the deflation of AFC Championship balls.

Technically, he was No. 3 in sales, but first and second place went to jerseys that didn't previously exist: Marcus Mariota at the Tennessee Titans and Jameis Winston at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady's jersey became the symbol for those who support the quarterback through Deflategate and believe he is innocent of any wrongdoing. The Patriots changed their social media avatar to "#12" following the NFL report. Brady and his camp continue to deny he was involved in deflation any game balls.