Despite Upcoming Middleweight Debut, Darren Till Says He Still Has 'Unfinished Business' in Welterweight

UFC fighter Darren Till told media that he still has "unfinished business at welterweight" despite his struggles to cut weight in the past.

Till is set to make his middleweight debut at 185 pounds on November 2 against Kelvin Gastelum, the co-main event at UFC 244.

Till's decision to move up comes after his undefeated record was tainted by two straight losses to Tyron Woodley and Jorge Masvidal.

Many people wanted Till to move up in weight following his loss against Woodley, but he had other thoughts. In an interview with in March, Till detailed his decision to stay at the 170 pound weight class.

"I am very stubborn" he said regarding the stiff competition in the class. "I just don't think it was the right moment to move up. There were a few fights I really wanted down at welterweight and I know I said things, and we all say some things that we don't mean sometimes, but with the weight being very good for my last fight and knowing that there's no problem making it and wanting them few fights, I just thought it was a good idea to stick it out a little bit longer."

If Till has a successful fight against Gastelum, many fans believe that he would likely remain a middleweight for the remainder of his career, but the Liverpool native thinks otherwise.

Till, who struggled to make the 170-pound weight in 2017 against Jessin Ayari, and then again in 2018 against Stephen Thompson, stands firm on his plan to move back down to welterweight in the future.

"I've still got a few names at welterweight who I want to take out, so it's not impossible to go back down," Till said. "I can do it. No one cuts weight like me ... no one. So I can do it, to answer it. Really I have unfinished business."

Despite losing to Woodley in his last championship fight, Till still has his sights set on the welterweight belt.

Till mentioned the current welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman as one of the names he would look for if he returned to the weight class.

"I feel like that fight with Usman was always a fight I wanted. As much as a lot of people tried to avoid him, that was a fight I wanted to get. Obviously with him being the champ now," Till said.

Till also mentioned fighters who handed him his two most recent losses. "Never say never but Masvidal—maybe I can get back at him," Till said at the UFC gym in England. "Woodley will probably be retired. I don't see him staying around much longer."

Darren Till
Liverpool native, Darren Till set to make middleweight debut on November 2 Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty