'Destiny 2' Ascendant Challenge April 23 Guide - Location, Find Toland & Lore

Destiny 2 continues its Ascendant Challenge rotation with a new task to enjoy for the week of April 23. In this guide, we'll tell you all there is to know about the lore, objectives and locations tied to Harbinger's Seclude.

Where is Destiny 2's April 23 Ascendant Challenge Located

The April 23 Ascendant Challenge is located in Harbinger's Seclude which is inside the temple at Rheasilvia. it's essentially at the end of the Dark Monastery mission or where you find the vendor named Huggin. Use the map below if necessary.

Destiny 2 Ascendant 10 map
The Ascendant Challenge for Week 10 is in Harbinger's Seclude. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

Eventually you'll come to this statue past the door where you find Huggin. Pop your Tincture to gain access to the Portal. If you jump to the right, Ascendant platforms guide you up to the portal. A Chest waits for you if you head left.

Destiny 2 portal door
Just beyond this door is a tower with the Portal on top. Activision/Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Completing the April 23 Ascendant Challenge

Toland is visible as soon as you enter the arena. Talk to him, and he'll move to the center of the room. That's where you want to go to. Keep hopping till you reach a circular platform with a Hive Sword in the center.. Kill the non-Knight enemies around it, because the Knights only take damage with the sword.

Destiny 2 toland week 10
You'll see Toland as soon as you enter the Portal. Activision/Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

After that initial wave is cleared, have one team member go in and grab the sword. A huge cluster of non-Knight enemies will spawn in. Kill them, and one Knight will separate from the group. At this point the Knight can only be damaged by the sword. Once the first Knight is down, more enemies will spawn. This time, the remaining two Knights will attack simultaneously. Focus on them because killing the Knights despawns everything else.

Destiny 2 center arena
This center arena is where all the action happens. Activision/Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Next, meet Toland again in the center and keep following him to reach the exit, killing enemies along the way. It's a platforming section, so you'll need to move quickly but precisely. The Chest spawns when a sword carrier reaches the end.

Lore and Toland Locations for April 23

To find the Ahamkara Bone, go to the right side of the room when you reach the combat arena. You'll see a circular staircase.

Destiny 2 egg 2 bone staircase
Jump onto the nearby rocks from this staircase. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

In sight from that staircase are two small rock platforms you can jump to. Jump to the one on the left, and look downward at the center of the room. You'll see the bone glowing from there. Slowly jump down to it, and an additional platform will spawn as you near the light.

Destiny 2 egg 2 bone shot
You should see the Ahamkara Bone glowing right down here. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

The first egg is found on the edge of the center arena. Look to the left and you'll see the glow. You may need to hop on the roof of the nearby awning to get a good angle on the shot.

Destiny 2 egg 1 roof jump
Jump on top of this awning to get the best shot at Egg 1. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

The second egg can also be located starting from the center. Go to the circular awning on the right, and jump to the distant platform you should see on your left.

Destiny 2 egg 2 jump start
Jump to this platform on your left to start a small jumping puzzle. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

Quickly jump to the second platform. After the second platform, jump to your right till you get to a circular space. From here jump to the mountain using a Hive Sword glide. The egg is on the left of the mountain.

Destiny 2 egg 2 circle plate
From this circular plate, jump to the mountain using the Sword's glide powers. Activision/Bungie/SneakyBeaver @ YouTube

The exact locations are difficult to describe in text, so we've embedded a video for extra assistance.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Ascendant Challenge will be live until the next reset.

Were you able to work toward high-level gear by completing this week's Ascendant Challenge? Did you find this one difficult? Tell us in the comments section!

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