'Destiny 2' Ascendant Challenge February 12 Guide - Location, Find Toland & Lore

Destiny 2 players can test their strength with another Ascendant Challenge after today's Weekly Reset. In this short guide, we'll tell you where to find the portal, how to defeat the boss and the locations for the Ahamkara Bone and other Easter eggs.

Where is Destiny 2's February 12 Ascendant Challenge Located?

This week's challenge is tough, so we'd advise going in with a trio before looking for a Portal. It's also helpful to have Melting Point and a couple Sleeper Simulants to take down the tough foes you're going to encounter.

With that disclaimer out of the way, you'll find the challenge in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in the upper areas of the Dreaming City. If you need a map, use the one below.

Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight location
The Week 6 Ascendant Challenge is located at the back of the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Completing the February 12 Ascendant Challenge

Once you're there, you'll see the Portal at the very back of the Sector above your location. Hop in and the trial will begin. The key to this challenge is striking a balance between attacking enemies and running away. Your main adversaries include axe-wielding Ascendant Knights, Shreikers, Boops, Hob Goblins and Shadow Thrall. Of those enemies, only the Goblins are worth killing. The path to the end is fairly straightforward, you just have to get there quickly.

After you spawn in, you'll encounter three Knights. Keep moving, and you'll reach points where you see a message that reads "the Knights close in." This means they've dropped their helmets and are moving quickly towards you. Toland is also visible at certain spots. That's an indicator of where to go next.

Soon after the second set of Knights, you'll come to this area. Just beyond it is a split path to go left or right. Go to the left, and you'll see a rock platform in the middle of nowhere. Hop to it, and at the end you'll find the Ahamkara Bone. Backtrack to the right to continue on the path.

Destiny 2 Ahamkara bone location 6
Go to the left from here to find the latest Ahamkara Bone lore. Bungie/Activision/Buttzyy @ YouTube

Go up the winding staircase that eventually opens up to a platforming puzzle. Watch for Boops, make some careful jumps and you'll arrive at the large central platform ahead. This is where the boss spawns. It includes a bunch of adds and more Ascendant Knights. There's a Shrieker at the top of the pile, but killing it is worthless. The main strategy is to avoid it using cover and focusing your attention on the Knights. Do that, and you'll be rewarded.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge 6 puzzle
At the top of the staircase you'll come to a platforming puzzle. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Lore and Toland Locations for February 12

  • At the beginning of the Challenge, you'll see a bridge. An egg is down and to the right from there.
  • Beyond the first egg is a floating saucer you can jump to to get to another one. From that second saucer is a cliff in the distance. This is where the challenge ends. The egg is on the side of that cliff.
  • It's at the top of the spiral staircase, near the end of the challenge.

Thanks to reddit's RegisterVexOffender for help with these.

That's all there is to know about Destiny 2's February 12 Ascendant Challenge.

Were you able to beat the February 12 Challenge and find its hidden lore? Will you try more Ascendent Challenges after the next Weekly Reset? Tell us in the comments section!