'Destiny 2' Ascendant Challenge January 22 Guide - Location, Find Toland & Lore

Destiny 2 has a new Ascendant Challenge to complete following Tuesday's Weekly Reset. In this short guide, we'll tell you where the challenge is located, how to finish it, where to find the Ahamkara Bone lore piece and Toland's location.

Where is Destiny 2's January 22 Ascendant Challenge Located?

The Ascendant Challenge for this week is located in the Spine of Keres. It's where you spawn when you're first introduced to the Dreaming City and where offerings are handed to the Oracle. The portal is located on top of this rock structure.

Destiny 2 ascendant week 3 portal location
The portal for this week's Ascendant Challenge is in the Spire of Keres. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Completing the January 22 Ascendant Challenge

This is probably one of the easiest Ascendant Challenges, depending on the version you get. There's one easy version that fills the room with Taken Mines and another that features Taken Boops that can knock you off the side.

No matter the roll the goal remains the same: jump up the platforms until you reach the very top of the arena. On that roof, a Taken Phalanx will spawn with a few other enemies on the side. Compared to other Ascendant Challenges, this one should be pretty easy to finish even as a solo Guardian.

Once you beat him, the chest spawns in the central platform.

Lore and Toland Locations for January 22

Toland's location changes based on your version of the challenge. If you have Boops, you'll find Toland halfway up on the creepy tree-like thing to the right. With Mines, he's on the left somewhat towards the middle on the rocks.

Destiny 2 ascendant week 3 toland location
Toland's location changes based on the version of the challenge you have. Bungie/Activision/Sly Nation @ YouTube

The Ahamkara Bone piece is inside the hand of the second broken statue in the back of the arena. Jump down from here.

Destiny 2 ascendant week 3 lore location
Jump to this broken statue in the back of the arena to find the extra lore. Bungie/Activision/Sly Nation @ YouTube

The spot looks like this.

Destiny 2 ascendant week 3 bone location
The Ahamkara Bone location looks like this. Bungie/Activision/Sly Nation @ YouTube

That's all there is to know about Destiny 2's latest Ascendant Challenge. Enjoy your Powerful Gear and come back next week for more.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Were you able to beat this week's Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2? Did you find Toland? Tell us in the comments section!