'Destiny 2' Bunker Upgrade Guide - Get Warmind Bits & More After Raising Defenses

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy has begun, and it looks to be a huge grind that involves upgrading Bunkers spread across the game to unlock various weapons, loot and cosmetic rewards. Since the Bunker upgrade system tends to be a bit complicated, here's all you need to know about its currencies like Warmind Bits and Chipsets.

How to Upgrade Seraph Bunkers in Destiny 2

destiny 2 bunker upgrade guide plate
'Destiny 2' Season of the Worthy largely focuses on Bunker upgrades. Use this guide to get Warmind Bits and more. 'Destiny 2' is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bungie

In the simplest sense of the word, Destiny 2's Bunker upgrades are a lot like the Obelisks featured in the game's previous season. They're activity-linked upgrades used to unlock rewards throughout the latest chapter. For Bunkers, though, things get a little more complicated because of the various currency exchanges that have to happen.

  • Warmind Bits: These are earned by doing Seraph Tower bounties claimed at each Bunker, and you get them by completing the Seraph Tower event no matter what.
  • Encrypted Warmind Bits: Occasionally you'll get an Encrypted Warmind Bit. These can be spent to open special Rasputin Chests at the end of an event. They can also be used to buy certain mods at each Bunker. If, for example, you want to automatically clear a certain enemy type on your next Tower run, this is how to do it.

With these two bit currencies, you can purchase Bunker Upgrades that offer specific advantages like enhanced weapon drops. Each Bunker Upgrade has three ranks, that increase in reward as you get higher.

  • The level of upgrade you choose also determines the amount of Chipsets you'll get from activating it A level 1 upgrade offers one Chipset, level two offers two Chipsets etc.
  • These Chipsets are used to raise a Bunker's Integration Level.
  • There are seven Integration Levels at each Bunker. Hitting the first six offers Powerful Gear rewards, while the seventh offers a Pinnacle.
  • It's also worth noting that repeatable weapon Bounties are offered at Integration Level 3 for each Bunker. Upgrade all the Bunkers to Level 3, and you'll get the Machine Gun bounty.
  • There are Point Defense upgrades too. These clear the Bunker of enemies, which reduces the grind from Reset to Reset to get the rewards you seek.

A Bit about the Seraph Tower Event

destiny 2 bunker plate
Stand in the center of the plate and keep enemies away to get the best Seraph Tower rewards.

The Seraph Tower Public Event is your main vehicle for getting Warmind Bits and for picking up Bounty progress. There are two levels of each run: one with a standard loot chest and another with a Rasputin Chest that requires Encrypted Warmind Bits to open.

To get the second chest, you must charge a specific plate in the arena across several runs. A sound will play when the plate is fully charged. Keep enemies off the plate area to get the most orbs and a chance at that Rasputin Chest. The more Guardians you have standing on an individual plate, the faster it charges. In short, the Seraph Tower event is a bit of a mix between a Black Armory Forge and Escalation Protocol. That's all you need to know about the Bunker upgrade process in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

What are your thoughts on Season of the Worthy so far? Are you still confused by the Bunker upgrade process? Tell us in the comments section!