'Destiny 2' DLC Leak Teases Dark Collapse Expansion Releasing in Fall?

Destiny 2 fans are in a fervor over leaks that supposedly reveal a major Collapse expansion set to release in June. While the source of the information is more than a little dubious, the details provided line up with recent in-game events, official concept art and statements made by developers at Bungie. Is the world of Destiny as players know it about to change considerably? Here's everything we know.

Without any official backing, the alleged leak made its way to 4chan on Sunday with little fanfare and gathered immense steam on Monday. The contents of the leak are listed below with supporting images and evidence. The bracketed statements include our own commentary.

- The reason why Bungie has a skeleton crew working on D2 right now is due to them working on both their matter IP and the big upcoming D2 Fall Expansion, Destiny 2: Collapse.

[This detail makes sense, as Bungie is currently hard at work on a new project funded by Netease. Season of the Worthy has been a pretty content-light season thus far, especially with its main Trials activity being a recycled event from the first game.]

- The expansion has been in the works for some time now, around two years, and was originally planned as a part of Destiny 3 before being retooled midway through development.

[This might also track, as Bungie parted ways with Destiny's former publishers at Activision in January of 2019 in part to avoid having to make a Destiny 3. Content from those efforts, however, could still be leveraged for other purposes.]

- Destiny 2: Collapse is the big one and storywise focuses on the first arrival of the Pyramids. It's a very big, Forsaken-esque expansion that's nearly a game unto itself.

[An emphasis on the Pyramids sounds plausible given that scribings on the newly opened Io Bunker reference Pyramid ships, but the fact that the expansion would be as large as Forsaken sounds a bit dubious. Bungie is, after all, an independent team these days. As such, the studio likely doesn't have the required resources to pump out such a huge project that quickly. This expansion may be coming, but it may not be as large as this alleged insider thinks.]

- Darkness will finally be the main villain, front and center of the expansion. Very interesting character from what I've seen, and takes the form of a very ghostly, veiled woman. Same look as the statue in the Pyramid. It has a nickname of a sort throughout Collapse, the "Winnower."

destiny 2 darkness statue
'Destiny 2' leaks suggest this may be the villain of its next big expansion. Are we looking at the Winnower? 'Destiny 2' is available now on PS4, Xbox, PC and Stadia. Bungie

[The thought of Destiny potentially exploring a dark-themed expansion has been in the ether for ages at this point, and it's even supported by the ending of Shadowkeep, in which the player encounters a dark version of their character. This Pyramid statue does look pretty specific, so we could see it being used as a character design.]

- The expansion focuses around two destinations, Europa and the Finality, a massive city inside the Winnower's core Pyramid. Originally depicted in D2 vanilla concept art, but we'll finally be going there to put an end to the Winnower.

destiny 2 europa
Europa has been a part of 'Destiny 2' concept art for quite some time. Bungie

Both of these locations appear to have been explored in past Bungie concept art, which makes these thoughts seem believable. That being said, the leaker may be smart enough to use existing imagery to lend credibility to false claims.

destiny 2 finality
Might this be our first look at the Finality? Bungie

- Huge focus on Darkness abilities. New Darkness subclasses for each class respectively.

[Again, the talk of a dark Destiny 2 expansion or darkness-centric Destiny 3 has been ongoing for a while now.]

- Calus, Mara Sov and Eris Morn all are significant presences throughout Collapse's storyline.

- Another big takeaway is the Veil. Essentially a long-rumored race that's been in dev for a while. Got leaked by ShadowofAnontheNine a while back, mostly from concept work.

[There's official concept art to support this as well, but the leaker could be leveraging those images to prop up a false narrative.]

- The Veil are the first new, truly alien enemy race to the series (not counting the Scorn & Taken). Have a very H.R. Geiger, ghostly aesthetic to them. Pic related is an extremely old D1 concept that heavily inspired their aesthetic.

destiny 2 darkness
This concept art may show the new Darkness race set to debut in 'Destiny 2' Collapse. Bungie

[If the expansion is as big as the leaker claims, it should have new units.]

- The Veil have the most new units out of any race thus far, a standout being a large, "Earthy-golem" creature.

- It'll be revealed two months out from now in June, and the storyline is intended to segue right into Destiny 3.

[The reveal timeline appears to be something that could have been in the works for E3. This is typically the time when real, and fake, E3 leaks start to appear. As for leading into Destiny 3, that sounds a bit dubious considering Bungie didn't want to make a third game after the Activision split. However, it's possible that, given the launch of new hardware, the studio has changed its mind. Destiny 3 might also be an internal name for something that eventually releases as a Destiny 2 overhaul too.]

- Like Forsaken, Collapse will have a flagship raid, revolving around a descent into the Winnower's domain, deep inside the Finality. Seems as if we'll be destroying the Darkness' "physical form" in this raid. New strikes are also coming.

[Just like the new unit, every big expansion should include a new Raid and Strikes. Destiny 2 is very much in need of a new Raid right now.]

So, as you can see from our analysis, there's a lot to digest with regard to the Destiny 2 Collapse leak. Many of these details sound very believable, but, because fans of the game have been discussing these ideas for a while, the whole list comes off a little too much like fan fiction for us to formally conclude this news is tied to true insider evidence. Given that in-game teases for the Darkness have begun, it also makes it hard to disprove the leak, as some of its details are almost guaranteed to be at least partially correct even by pure guesswork. Plus, the leak relies quite a bit on concept art that's been public knowledge for some time. If this leak were real, we'd like to think Bungie might focus more on new concepts instead of drawing so much from old ones.

Normally we'd say the canary in the coal mine to validate this Collapse leak rests on its potential June reveal, but, given that E3 has been canceled and many development timelines remain off kilter due to the coronavirus workflow, even that deadline might change between now and then. At the very least, this leak offers something interesting to chew on during what's been a pretty slow time for Destiny 2 events.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

What are your thoughts on this Destiny 2 Collapse leak? Is a big expansion set to release this fall? Tell us in the comments section!