'Destiny 2' Faction Rally Guide - How to Get Renown & Faction Tokens Fast

Destiny 2 's first Faction Rally of Season 3 has begun, and it offers an Exotic weapon catalyst for players who reach Rank 50 with a single faction. With that new goal in mind, you may be wondering the best ways to get Faction Tokens. In this guide, we'll outline farming tips and explain the new Renown system.


In simple terms, Renown is a buff/debuff that boosts the amount of Tokens you earn by completing Lost Sectors. You can activate up to five Stacks of Renown, and the more Stacks you earn increases your yield from opening Sector chests. You get two extra tokens for each Stack you have, maxing out at 10 extra tokens.

Here are a few things you should know about Renown:

  • Despite offering the Lost Sector boost, players also become weaker and take more damage the more Stacks of Renown they have. At three or more Stacks, movement speed slows down and health regen stops. You'll have to collect health orbs from enemies instead.
  • When you die you don't lose all Renown. You only lose one Stack.
  • Fast travel removes all Renown, and Renown is removed when a Lost Sector is finished.
Destiny 2 Faction rally Armor
If you have full Faction rally Armor, you’ll get bonus Renown. Bungie/Activision

Here are a few ways to get Renown:

  • Kill high-value targets [One Stack]
  • Complete Heroic Public Events [Three Stacks]
  • Complete Patrol missions [One Stack]
  • Equip a full set of Faction Rally Armor [Two Stacks]


With these limitations in mind, you'll want to use classes and weapons that counteract the debuff properties of Renown. The best way to do that is to equip gear and use abilities that give you health regen. In that case, being a Voidwalker Warlock can be really helpful with Healing Rift and other abilities that grant regen for melee kills. If you're a Hunter, the Wormhusk Crown offers regen for skillful dodging.

Destiny 2 Crimson hand cannon
The Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon is essential for health regen after getting Renown. Bungie/Activision

Regardless of class, it's worth carrying the Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon (if you've got one.) Each kill you get with it offers a little bit of regen.


There are a few methods players have been using to farm Faction Tokens in Destiny 2, and all of them are quite the grind.

Faction Rally Rewards
Reach Rank 50 to get a special reward from your chosen Faction. Bungie/Activision
  • Load into a Public event, do it come back as solo and try to do another as soon as possible. This can be a little tricky if you're playing as a group, but it works if the timing is on your side.
  • Do a Heroic Public Event first without Renown. Take the three Stacks you get on a Patrol to get two more. Find a nearby Lost Sector and go through it.
  • Start on a Patrol, go to a Heroic Public Event then go to a Lost Sector and complete it. Especially if you have Faction Rally Armor, the math should work for that grind.
  • Earth and Nessus may be the best places to get this done since there's generally a lot going on there.
  • If you stick to one of these grinds, you should reach Rank 50 after about nine hours of play.

Other Token Sources: If you really don't want to do the Lost Sector Renown grind, you can get Faction rally Tokens elsewhere too.

  • Nightfalls: 14-18 Tokens
  • PvP: five Tokens for wins, two tokens for a loss
  • Heroic Strikes: seven Tokens
  • Heroic Public Events five Tokens
  • Capture Drop: one Token

You also shouldn't forget to do faction rally Milestones either. Doing the one for "looting a Lost Sector with five Renown on Earth" offers up to 40 faction Tokens per account. There are also other Milestones that grant 20 Tokens even when switching characters. Don't miss out on Milestones as a way to get a quick headstart.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The first Season 3 Faction rally runs through the Weekly Reset on June 12.

What are your thoughts on Destiny 2's latest Faction Rally and the Renown system? How's your Token framing process going? Tell us in the comments section!