'Destiny 2' Fourth Forge Niobe Labs Puzzle Still Not Solved & Players Are Mad

Destiny 2 players are eager to jump into the Black Armory's Bergusia Forge, but the complicated Niobe Labs puzzle has kept players locked out. Now nearly a full day since its release, Niobe Labs has taken longer to complete than any other Raid or communal challenge in the series' history.

Niobe Labs went live after Destiny 2's Weekly Reset Tuesday afternoon, and it's long been the most mysterious part of Bungie's Black Armory seasonal roadmap. Even in the days leading up to its release, Guardians had no idea exactly what it was. While it turned out to be the Dungeon-like concept most fans anticipated, the challenge in getting through it has proven to be more of a handful than most thought possible.

In fact, many of the game's top streamers have already given up. "I literally can't function anymore," tweeted Destiny Raid wizard Datto Wednesday morning. "Good luck to the groups still in the lab. Hopefully y'all get it soon. Thanks to everyone who hung out. Sorry we couldn't get it. Interested to see how it all turns out." Equally frustrated but not quite ready to throw in the towel, fellow streamer Gladd said "Welp, it's official ... this f***ing Forge has taken longer than the full Last Wish world's first race ... and we still going."

I literally can't function anymore. Good luck to the groups still in the lab. Hopefully y'all get it soon. Thanks to everyone who hung out. Sorry we couldn't get it. Interested to see how it all turns out.

— Datto (@DattosDestiny) January 9, 2019

Sensing a negative shift amongst their hardcore players, a few Bungie staff members even offered hints to solve the puzzle's troubling sixth level. The answer is "totally Googleable," teased Bungie Narrative Lead Guillaume Colomb, with Community Manager Griffin Bennet posting a video of a song that sounds like Ke$ha's "Timber." Fireteams later learned they had to shoot a forest symbol in unison and are now working on deciphering the seventh level.

Any parents out there notice that the Word Party theme sounds like "Timber" from Pitbull and Ke$ha? I can't get it outta my head.https://t.co/Ij76QTLSXu

— Griffin Bennett (@GriffinWB) January 8, 2019

Many Destiny fans are hungry for new reasons to engage with their favorite game, but the central point of contention for Niobe is that it essentially blocks all players from accessing the next chunk of content. When the puzzle is solved everyone can enjoy the Bergusia Forge, but, until then, casual players must wait for progress to be made. This has understably led to backlash from those who are tired of the delay. "You s**t on your player base to begin with, and now you're turning your most loyal streamers into jelly with this torture," wrote reddit user olliiris in a corresponding thread. "This is the logical conclusion for this Black Armory saga," added user SCiFiOne, "The absolute grind fest, the content that geared towards the top 0.1 percent of the player base. Have fun everyone."

While progress continues, the seventh level of Niobe Labs has an additional puzzle still unsolved. The only hope is that, once it's decoded, the Bergusia Forge delivers on its mounting hype. Pretty much all Black Armory Forges boil down to a repetitive PvE activity, but fans remain hopeful Niobe might lead to something slightly more exciting.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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