'Destiny 2' Garden of Salvation Raid Guide: Minimum Power Level, How to Level Up

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has arrived, and its new Raid, Garden of Salvation, is set to debut at 1 p.m. EDT October 5. While it could very well take Guardians all day to master the new threat, we've assembled some basic info to help get you started. Below, you'll find all you need to know about Power Levels and how to get Raid ready fast.

What are the minimum and recommended Power Levels for Garden of Salvation?

destiny 2 garden of salvation power level
'Destiny 2' Garden of Salvation is almost here. In this guide, learn about Power Levels and how to level up fast. 'Destiny 2' is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bungie

While Raid Power levels in Destiny can be somewhat subjective, Bungie offered some insight about Garden of Salvation in a blog post last month. Similar to the Crown of Sorrow Raid launch, this one features a Contest Mode for the first 24 hours. Under these provisions Power Levels north of 890 offer no additional advantage in the Raid itself, while Power Levels are capped at 920 for the final fight. With that in mind, 890 is a fairly safe minimum spec for Guardians entering the new Raid.

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When it comes to the recommended level things are a bit murky. However, modifiers from the previous Raid likely offer a solid clue. The past Contest Mode capped players about 15 levels below the recommended level. Given that barometer, the suggested spec is probably closer to 905 for the Raid itself and 935 for the final encounter. These numbers aren't exact, but they give Guardians a decent idea of what to expect.

How to level up fast in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

As usual, the rule of thumb is that you don't want to earn Powerful Gear before hitting the 900 soft cap. So, these tips will help you get there fast.

  • Turn in Tokens Smartly: Spam resource tokens at the Tower, but be forewarned you'll need to spend a lot of them to progress. Use all vendors and be smart about turning in the right kinds of Tokens that will best serve your Power Level. If you think a heavy will balance your Power, turn in the Tokens to the Gunsmith. Keep doing this till you hit about 800. If you have multiple characters, you should also consider splitting Tokens.
  • Werner Bounties: If you've saved up these Bounties for Shaowkeep, do them now. They contribute to the soft cap.
  • Do the Campaign after 800: Random drops can be as much as +10 at this point, so take advantage. When things dry up, seek out Region Chests. They're marked on the map and contribute to the cap. You may also want to save the various Essence quest items for when those are most necessary. The same goes for the final mission, save that for when you need a big boost.
  • Seasonal Rank: Claim the rewards you get smartly. Save gloves till you need them. Early on, Annual Pass owners will get a Hand Cannon and armor set too. Those can be hugely helpful.
  • Grind old Activities like Forges and Strikes
  • Beyond 900 Spread Out Powerfuls: If you're grinding Powerfuls, changes in Shadowkeep make it way more likely to get the same type of gear drop if you keep going at it. So, in between the Grind, do some regular activities like Menagerie to focus on a better guaranteed drop.
  • After Powerfuls turn in Tokens again: If played smartly, you can gain two or three levels without a drop. Grab Powerful Packages when available.
  • Shoot for big boosts only when there's not a wide range of gear stats: This is essentially what we mean by evening out your Power, but it's worth reiterating. If your gear has a wide range of power values, you risk getting less effective Powerfuls. So, shoot for that stuff when everything is fairly close.
  • Competitive: If you like PvP, it's worth noting that you get a powerful every time you rank up. So, use that wisely if you have a solid group.

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That's all you need to know about getting Raid ready in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

What are your thoughts on the Shadowkeep leveling grind? Will you be playing through Garden of Salvation this weekend? Tell us in the comments section!

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