'Destiny 2' Jotunn Guide - Perks & How to Get It to Drop in Black Armory

Destiny 2 players have finally secured the elusive Jotunn Fusion Rifle, and we want to make sure you get one too. In this quick guide, we'll explain the basics of Jotunn drops, the steps to find one and the perks of this awesome gun.

How to get Jotunn in Destiny 2

Unlike the recently uncovered Izanagi's Burden sniper, there's no specific quest associated with Jotunn. That makes getting one easy in the sense that you don't have to wade through a series of complex steps, but it's also frustrating because it relies on randomized drops.

While Bungie has yet to confirm the process for securing a Jotunn, most fans agree the gun drops when forging powerful weapon frames in the newly opened Bergusia Forge. That means grabbing a weapon frame from Ada-1 at the Tower and then completing its associated objective during a Bergusia run. Players are limited to just two powerfuls per character in a given week, which means you only have a maximum of six shots to get the drop you want. Success is not guaranteed, but your odds are highest when following this process.

In other words, the method to get Jotunn is almost the exact same as players saw with the Le Monarque earlier in the Black Armory season. That gun dropped when forging powerfuls in the prior three Forges, but, as of now, Jotunn appears to be exclusive to Bergusia.

What is the Jotunn in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Jotunn perks
The Jotunn has the Charge Shot intrinsic perk. Bungie/Plunder thabooty @ YouTube

As explained above, Jotunn is a new Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2. It shoots fireballs at opponents and comes loaded with the following perks.

  • Charge Shot: Hold to charge up a tracking shot that explodes and burns on impact.
  • Volatile Launch: This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. Greatly increases blast radius, slightly decreases handling speed and slightly decreases projectile speed.
  • Liquid Coils: Slower building charge for higher damage. Increases impact damage and slower charge time.
  • Shield Disorient: Energy matched shield explosion disorients nearby combatants.
  • Polymer Grip: This weapon's grip is made of lighter material. Increases handling speed.

In short, the Charge Shot is basically a fireball that follows opponents as they move. If the projectile even glances its target in the slightest, it results in massive damage. It seemingly has the potential to two-shot Supers with an accurate hit, making it a possible replacement for the Telesto in the recent Sandbox meta. Hype is high over the Jotunn right now, which is why so many Guardians are eager to get it.

That's all there is to know about Jotunn for now, but we'll update this guide with more details if players find them.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Jotunn is secured the same way on all platforms.

Were you able to get a Jotunn by forging a powerful frame in Bergusia? What are your thoughts on its fiery intrinsic perk? Tell us in the comments section!