'Destiny 2' Oracle Puzzle & Chest Locations Guide - Upgrade Whisper of the Worm

Destiny 2 players uncovered the Whisper of the Worm quest last week, and many Guardians are returning to upgrade their new gun. This guide tells you where to find all five Secret Chests and how to solve the infamous Oracle Puzzle.

The Heroic quest and Masterwork are unlocked after you get the Whisper of the Worm and play through the quest again using the weapon. If you need help doing that, use our Whisper of the Worm guide. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's start collecting Chests.

Destiny 2 chest opening 1
Look for this opening and you'll find the first Chest there. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Secret Chest 1 Location

Destroy the Taken Blight in the Lost Sector as you normally would and drop down. Before you make the extended jump to the platform with the moving parts, you'll see a lit section of wall to your right. It leads to a crevice that contains the first Chest.

Secret Chest 2 Location

The next Chest is found in Portal room. Instead of going to the top-right Portal like you normally would, go to the leftmost Portal furthest in the back. The Chest is inside the Portal just around a corner.

Destiny 2 left portal
This time you'll want to enter the leftmost Portal. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Chest 3 Location

Following the path will bring you to the back-right Portal, which you must go through to proceed with the quest. Just follow the lit area till you reach the Portal. Some light platforming is required to jump up to it.

Destiny 2 grassy room crevice
This crevice to your left takes you to the third Chest. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

When you reach the mossy room with all the platforms, look for this crevice to your immediate left. Go through, and you'll see a second crevice shown below. The third Chest is in there.

Destiny 2 third chest crevice
The third Chest is hidden in this crevice. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Chest 4 Location

The fourth Chest is the most difficult one, and it essentially requires you to progress up the entire mossy platform wall without using any shortcuts. We'll walk you through it the best we can, but we've also included a video as well. The platforming starts around the 5:30 mark. Remember to use the moss as a guide if you ever get stuck.

Jump up to the platform shown below.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 1
Jump up to this platform to start your climb. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Keep jumping straight up till you reach this straightaway.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 2
Look for this straightaway to point you in the right direction. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Hop a few small, square ledges to reach this second straightaway.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 3
There's another straightaway that looks like this. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Progress to the next straightaway you should see to your left. Once you do, you'll reach this platform.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 4
You'll reach this platform once you walk on a third straightaway to your left. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Hop up a few more levels to reach this spot.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 5
Hop up a few more ledges, and you'll be here. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Push through the straightaway to the small, square platform in the corner, and you'll end up here.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 6
Once you hop to the small, square platform in the corner, you'll be here. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Hop a few ledges, keep pushing forward and you'll come to a turn. Just keep using the moss to guide you. Eventually you'll be here. Drop down the crevice for a leap of faith, and the fourth Chest will be there.

Destiny 2 grassy ledge 7
Jump here, drop down the crevice and claim the fourth Chest. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Chest 5 Location

Follow the Chest 4 path and you'll reach a room with a Vex Portal. Jump to the lit location shown below. Follow the path, jump to some platforms. Keep hopping your way up, and you'll come to the Vex Portal.

Destiny 2 portal lit path
This lit path takes you to the Vex Portal. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Go through and you'll see a pole-like platform. Jump to it and jump to the right to reach this lit path. The fifth and final Chest is in there.

Destiny 2 chest 5
This lit path will guide you to the fifth Chest. Bungie/Activision/PlanetDestiny @ YouTube

Oracle Puzzle Solutions

Backtrack to the Vex Portal entrance, and you'll see that Oracles have started spawning there. To get your reward, you must wait for all seven of them to be glowing. If you don't see seven Oracles, it means you missed a Chest. The Oracles have three phases and must be shot in the orders shown below from left to right.

  • Sequence 1: Oracle 1, Oracle 3 and Oracle 5
  • Sequence 2: Oracle 4, Oracle 6, Oracle 7, Oracle 3 and Oracle 1
  • Sequence 3: Oracle 7, Oracle 3, Oracle 1, Oracle 6, Oracle 4, Oracle 2 and Oracle 5

Finish this, and the final Chest will spawn. It features Blighted Essence, which you need to finish the Whisper Masterwork, as well as the IO-JYS2 Sleeper Simulant Catalyst if you have that Exotic. You'll also get an Enigmatic Blueprint, which must be finished by completing the Heroic Whisper quest several times in the weeks to come.

That's all there is to know about the Whisper of the Worm Oracle Puzzle and its hidden Chests. Come back next week when you need to do this all over again.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Were you able to upgrade your Whisper of the Worm? Did you solve the Oracle Puzzle? Tell us in the comments section