'Destiny 2' Outbreak Prime & Perfected Guide: How to Beat Zero Hour & Get It

Destiny 2 players just saw the surprise debut of the Outbreak Perfected Pulse Rifle, but the quest required to get it is really tough. In this guide, we'll detail all the key steps you should know up to, and through, the Zero Hour mission.

Starting the Quest

Once you've finished the main Destiny 2 campaign, go to the Heroic Bad Neighbors mission on Titan. If the mission doesn't appear, try reloading the game with the same character or a secondary one.

destiny 2 outbreak prime heroic bad neighbors
The Heroic Bad Neighbors mission starts the Outbreak Perfected quest. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Progress till you get to this room with the first Shrieker.

destiny 2 outbreak prime heroic shrieker
Clear out the enemies here and push forward to the red room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Clear out the enemies here and push forward into the red room. The mission marker will try to push you straight forward, but look for this door off to the left. Interact with it, and you'll see a prompt that says "unlocked."

destiny 2 outbreak prime heroic red door
Look for this door to the left, ignoring your mission marker. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Open that door, and, in the middle of this secret room, you'll see a desk with a Fallen device on it. Once you have this device, you can leave the mission and begin the actual Outbreak Prime quest steps.

destiny 2 outbreak prime fallen device
Grab the Fallen device from the middle of the secret room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Fallen Transponder Node Locations

Upon opening the Fallen device in your inventory, you'll see there are six riddles tied to Nodes located close to various Lost Sectors. Here's where each of the Nodes are located.

Node 1: Go to the Trostland Outskirts and the Drain Lost Sector. Eventually the path will split as shown here. Veer to the left and to the left down the ramp to reach the cliff area.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 1 split path
When the path splits, veer to the left. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Hop down the cliff and you'll see a Node on the ground next to a blue tarp.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 1 location
The location of the first Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Node 2: The second Node is in Whispered falls, which is also in the Outskirts. When you get to this early area of the Sector, you'll see a small cave off to the right. The Node is in there.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 2 cave
The location of the second Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Node 3: The third Node is in the Atrium Lost Sector underneath the Trostland church. You'll come to a room with enemies followed by an archway that leads to a small drop. From here, turn left and look for this small room with a bunk bed inside. The Node is on the ground.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 3 location
The location of the third Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Node 4: Still in the Trotsland, go to the Widow's Walk Lost Sector. Push through to the Chest location, and look above you to the right. Hop up to this platform.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 4 location
The location of the fourth Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Node 5: This Node is in Exodus Black on Nessus at the Rift Lost Sector. To the left of the reward Chest you'll see these big crates. The Node is inside this crate. To get in, hop on top and fall to the open front part of it.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 5 tanks
The location of the fifth Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Node 6: Also in Exodus Black, go to the Glade Caverns and the Carrion Pit Lost Sector. Past the Reward Chest you'll see some debris to the right of here. Hop on it, and you should see the Node on the ground in the area.

destiny 2 outbreak prime node 6 location
The location of the sixth Node Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Zero Hour

Next, go to the Farm and proceed to the basement. In the new area, you'll see a Fallen Captain with a prompt to rendezvous. This starts the Zero Hour mission required to get the Outbreak Perfected. Much like Whisper of the Worm, this mission must be finished in 20 minutes. It's very difficult at 690 Power, but you can start over by returning to the Captain at any time.

destiny 2 outbreak prime farm basement
The Zero Hour quest begins in the Farm basement. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

You start the mission at the old Tower. Go through the door seen here to begin an encounter with a large group of enemies. They have high shields, so the Arbalest can be a big help (if you have it.)

destiny 2 outbreak prime tower door
Go through this door to begin your next encounter. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Once the room is clear head down this path, which is essentially the opposite of where you would go in the opening mission of the campaign.

destiny 2 outbreak prime post encounter path
Head down this path, opposite the traditional route. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Make your way through the crawlspaces till you reach another enemy-filled room in the Tower Hangar. You'll have to fight a tank and lots of foes, but just keep pushing till you reach this location. Once you slide under the door and fall down the shaft, this is the time where you should equip your jump-focused Exotics. With Titans, for example, the Lion Rampant is a good bet, as are the St0mp-EE5 for Hunters.

destiny 2 outbreak prime puzzles begin
Once you reach this door, it's time to switch up your gear. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Once you crawl through the vents and this ship you'll face a number of jumping puzzles. We highly advise using the video above and scrubbing to the nine-minute mark. This section of the quest can be very visual, so it helps to see the exact pathing if possible.

destiny 2 outbreak prime ship
Go under the ship to begin a long gauntlet of platforming puzzles. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Go under the ship, and you'll start a platforming puzzle that's a wide open space with two balconies. Use a jump-focused Exotic to make this jump, or use the vents off to the right to get to a shorter hop.

destiny 2 outbreak prime balcony 1
If you can, use a jump-focused Exotic to reach this balcony. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Ultimately, you want to jump up to this platform to reach a hidden vent.

destiny 2 outbreak prime balcony end platform
Once you reach this platform, jump up to reach a hidden vent. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Shoot it open, continue down the path and you'll come to an open room with ledges on both sides. If you stand on these ledges too long, they fall. Jump on them to make your way to the door straight ahead.

destiny 2 outbreak prime balcony platform door
Use the platforms to reach this door straight ahead. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

From that door, jump up here to your left to reach another vent.

destiny 2 outbreak prime door jump left
Once you reach the door on the end, turn around and jump to your left. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

After you do that, you'll walk through a narrow path that leads outside. Normally you'd follow these hanging objects to small pillars that lead to the next stage, but there is a huge shortcut as long as you have one team member with a jump-focused Exotic.

destiny 2 outbreak prime floating objects
Without a shortcut, you jump on these objects to make your way around the area. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Simply fall down from here.

destiny 2 outbreak prime shortcut fall
Fall down here and push forward to reveal a shortcut. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Then push forward to this strut. On that strut is a device with a button that extends the platform so all of your teammates can take advantage of the shortcut you just used.

destiny 2 outbreak prime shortcut strut
On this strut is a switch with a shortcut for your teammates. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

From the button, jump up in the direction indicated by the picture.

destiny 2 outbreak prime shortcut jump up
Jump up from the button to reach a second platform. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Go forward a bit, and use the small box to jump up from here. You'll know you're in the right place when you're back in the vents.

destiny 2 outbreak prime shortcut jump up again
Jump on this box to make your way back to the vents. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Drop down to another puzzle that involves these yellow platforms. Basically all you want to do is jump to the highest vent to the right until you find one that takes you to an area with large fans. There are lots of decoys, but, since you know the general area, finding the correct vent shouldn't take too long.

destiny 2 outbreak prime yellow platforms
Hop up these platforms and go through the vent in the top-right area of the room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Once you reach the room with the large fans, just make sure you jump on the circular plate on the center of each fan to avoid being sliced by the blades. Use the red-colored slits on the side of each blade to safely fall to the next one.

destiny 2 outbreak prime large fans
Use the red cutouts next to each fan to drop down to the next one. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

After a long journey down, you'll reach this wide open Whisper-like room. Jump to the glowing platform to the right as seen in this picture.

destiny 2 outbreak prime whisper room
Jump to the platform on the right in this wide-open room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

You'll eventually come to this long jump. Drop down, and you'll reach a new area called Ventilation.

destiny 2 outbreak prime whisper room long jump
This long jump takes you to a new area. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

In Ventilation is a map of the area with four red dots. In order to leave, you must activate the buttons for all four lights. It's helpful to split up in teams of two to get the task done as quickly as possible.

destiny 2 outbreak prime ventilation map
This map shows the locations of four switches players must activate. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Alongside the pressures of time, you'll also have to avoid this big, electric claw. That feat can be accomplished a few different ways. You can have one team member stay up top to call out its position, use crawlspaces around the area or jump to the middle of the room when you feel the claw getting close. Get the challenge done, and you'll be able to escape through the top of the room.

destiny 2 outbreak prime ventilation switch
Hit all the switches and avoid the claw to advance to the next room. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

In the next area you'll see these platforms. Just keep jumping on them to raise them up to reach the upper bridge. Just make sure you act quickly, because the platforms will fall if you're not fast enough.

destiny 2 outbreak prime jump platforms
Jump up and down on these platforms to make them rise. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Next, go down the long, dangerous slide to reach this room. Go through the vent to the right of the staircase. You'll come to a huge vault with tons of gold inside. Explore the room enough, and a secret door should open.

destiny 2 outbreak prime staircase room
Look to the right of the staircase here for a hidden vent. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

It opens up to this huge area that has a weapon missing from a glass case. To the right of that case is a hole you can drop down.

destiny 2 outbreak prime weapon case
You'll find this broken Outbreak Perfected case after exiting the vault. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Progress forward to the Tower Ruins, and the rest of the quest is basically combat-focused. To win, you need to kill the Fallen Captain boss and all surrounding enemies. Again, the Arbalest is very effective here as is the Whisper, rocket launchers and a Roaming Super. Finish the battle and the Outbreak Prime is yours.

Outbreak Perfected Review

Once you have the Outbreak Perfected, here's a look at its Perks.

Outbreak Perfected Stats
The Outbreak Perfected stands to be a beast in PvE and PvP alike. Bungie/Aztecross Gaming @ YouTube
  • Parasitism: This weapon does more damage to enemies based on the number of SIVA nanites that attach to them.
  • Extended Barrel: Increases range, decreases handling speed and moderately controls recoil.
  • Acurized Rounds: Increases range.
  • Outlaw: Precision kills greatly decrease load time.

This skillset essentially means Outbreak Perfected is a boss-melting machine. Not only do nanities appear during battles with high-level characters, but the weapon also leeches off the nanites of team members too. Its other perks, however, make this gun pretty worthwhile in PvP as well. All told, the Outbreak Perfected may be the best Pulse Rifle in Destiny 2 right now. That's pretty awesome considering this quest is free for all players.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Outbreak Prime coming to Destiny 2? Is the Perfected the variant you were hoping for? Tell us in the comments section!