'Destiny 2' Override Frequency & Unsolvable Problem Guide - How to Farm Stems

Destiny 2 's Warmind campaign is pretty short, which means lots of players have already approached its endgame activities. In this quick guide, we'll tell you how to get an Override Frequency, what it does and how it relates to the Unsolvable Problem.


Once you've completed the Warmind campaign and all of Ana Bray's missions, she'll give you a Nascent Dawn quest to complete three patrols and one Lost Sector. You get one Resonant Stem for each of the four parts. The four Stems combine to form what's called an Override Frequency. These Frequencies correlate to one of 40 Sleeper Nodes on the map.

As seen below, the description of each Override offers a clue to its location. The last three words are what you must pay attention to. In this case it mentions Aurora. So, you need to go to the Aurora Reach section of the map and start looking for the Node. The process of finding each Node is essentially a huge game of hot and cold. Music gets louder as you approach, and your screen becomes increasingly distorted. The first Node you find contains an Emblem that helps track progress of locating the remaining 39 Nodes.

Returning to Ana grants you an Emblem, a weapon and some data that can be read in the nearby console. We'll get to that last part later in the guide. Now you begin your grind to unlock 40 Override Frequencies by collecting more Resonant Stems. Here are a few ways to get them:

Destiny 2 Override Frequency code Destiny 2 The Unsolvable Problem how to get Sleeper Nodes warmind guide Nascent Dawn quest data Rasputin
Follow this Override Frequency code to find Sleeper Nodes on Mars. Bungie/Activision/GuidingLight @ YouTube
  • One Stem per Patrol
  • One Stem per Lost Sector. Lost Sectors can be farmed by entering, killing the boss, exiting and entering again.
  • One Stem per Daily Challenge
  • One Stem in chests from Escalation Protocol
  • Two Stems for a Heroic Event

You need to use these various avenues to collect four Stems to craft one Override Frequency. That means you need 160 Stems to unlock the full set of Nodes. Given that intense grind, we've made a guide that contains all known Node locations so far. You need 15 Nodes to unlock the Sleeper Simulant Heavy Fusion Rifle made famous in Destiny 1.


After you finish that Nascent Dawn quest and return to Ana, she gives you some data that can be read nearby. The data is a message called "The Unsolvable Problem." We've included a picture of its full text below.

Destiny 2 The Unsolvable Problem how to get Sleeper Nodes override frequency warmind guide Nascent Dawn quest data Rasputin
The Unsolvable Problem seems like it's just a lore post for now. Bungie/Activision

In short, it's basically just a lore post that describes how Ana wants Rasputin to gain the capability to solve problems that can't be solved by humans. As far as we know it has no in-game function. It's just a lore drop associated with the initial Override Frequency quest. We'll provide more details on this if they become available.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Warmind DLC is necessary to play these missions.

What are your thoughts on Warmind's Override Frequency grind? Are you willing to find them all? Does the Unsolvable Problem have a hidden secret? Tell us in the comments section!