'Destiny 2' Pain & Gain Exotic Quest Guide - How to Get the Riskrunner & Catalyst

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is finally here, and you may be wondering about some of the new Exotic quests the expansion has to offer. This guide outlines the basic process for finishing Pain and Gain for an easy path to the Riskrunner and its Catalyst.

Joy in Suffering

destiny 2 shadow keep pain gain quest
'Destiny 2' Shadowkeep has arrived, and Pain and Gain is one of its first quests. This guide tells you how to finish it. 'Destiny 2' is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bungie

As soon as you start Shadowkeep, talk to Banshee-44 at the Tower to get Pain and Gain and the Joy in suffering quest step. It requires players to accomplish three fairly basic tasks that will likely be finished via standard play.

  • Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ
  • Heroic Public Event Completed
  • Nightfall Strike Completed

Complete a Lost Sector in the EDZ

Lost Sectors are small dungeons in Destiny 2 that have Chests at the end. Especially if you have some friends, these can be finished by players of all skill levels. There's a marked Lost Sector near pretty much every Landing Zone in the EDZ, but, in case you're still looking for a location, here are two you can go to.

  • Terminus East: Around the path to the right of the church you'll see a wall with the Lost Sector symbol on it. Go in, and there's a hole in the ground to fall through. Make your way through the winding tunnels and you'll come to the entrance.
  • Artium: Go in the church and you'll see the Lost Sector symbol near a hole in the wall. Go down the stairs, snake through the tunnels and you'll eventually come to the entrance.

There are over a dozen Lost Sectors in the EDZ, so you shouldn't have trouble finding or finishing one.

Heroic Public Event Completed

Public Events happen sporadically in the open world of Destiny 2. To make them Heroic, players must perform a specific set of actions while a Public Event is underway.

Two easy paths to this are at the Tangled Shore. For Cryo-Pod, just clear out the enemies that spawn once the rocket lands. As the boss starts to lose health, you'll notice vents on the craft start to leak. Shooting the vents produces an ice orb. Pick it up and throw it at the boss. Repeat until the foe is frozen, then stand close to it and recover the thrown orbs. Fight off the remaining enemies, and you're done.

For Ether Ritual, beat the boss and orbs will start pulling toward the middle Servitor. Shoot the orbs to prevent them from reaching their destination three times. If you kill all three bosses while doing this, a hard boss will spawn. Beat that boss to get Heroic credit.

Nightfall Completed

Nightfalls rotate, and you'll need a crew to finish them, so it's difficult to provide a precise guide for those.


destiny 2 shadow keep pain gain risk
Risk/Reward is the second part of the Pain and Gain questline. Bungie

Complete those sub-objectives, and you'll trigger this quest step in the corner of the EDZ. It's back to the Cosmodrome, where you'll complete a small jumping puzzle that doesn't have a timer.

destiny 2 shadow keep pain gain walker
Kill the Walker to get your Riskrunner. Bungie

The main part of the quest, though, is to defeat three Dusk Captains. Just kill enemies around the area until a Dusk Captain spawns. They're a high-value target that doesn't spawn unless the area is clear. Take out three of these and a Walker will spawn. Take out the Walker to get your Riskrunner and its Catalyst.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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