'Destiny 2' $10 Salute of the Lords Iron Banner Emote May Eventually Be Free

Destiny 2 got its new Iron Banner emote after the Weekly Reset on Tuesday, and it's already caused a fair bit of controversy. A post on the game's official subreddit details why fans are furious about having to pay $10 for a pack that includes an emote.

The fervor begins with the Iron Emote Bundle, which costs 1,100 Silver. The paid Eververse collection features a Salute of the Lords emote, which can be seen below, a Gleaming Boon of the Crucible and Fireteam Medallion with four-hour XP gains. That'd be great if the cosmetics could be earned via Rank-Up Packages based on performance, but that's apparently not the case.

Destiny 2 Salute of the Lords
This is what ‘Destiny 2’s Salute of the Lords Iron Banner emote looks like. Bungie/Activision

When asked about the emote specifically, Bungie Community Manager Chris Shannon said "currently this emote does not drop anywhere else." In other words, the only way you can currently get Salute of the Lords is to buy it. The implication here is that the item may eventually be added to randomized packs, but it's not that way today.

While some members of the Destiny 2 community praised Bungie for giving users an avenue to directly purchase the cosmetics they want, others have a far more negative outlook. After all, it's one thing to offer the option to directly purchase a cosmetic, but it's quite another to force that purchase onto fans who've already paid for the retail game and possible season pass. It pales in comparison to a title like Fortnite that features paid cosmetics but a free game.

Destiny 2 fans have long bemoaned the existence of the microtransaction-focused Eververse, and a bundle like this does little to ease concerns amongst an already agitated player base. Especially so soon after the influx of season pass and standalone DLC purchases from the release of Warmind, requiring payment for the newest Iron Banner emote doesn't send the best message. It remains to be seen if or how the Salute of the Lords emote might be reintroduced into the earned economy, but we'll do our best to provide an update on the situation if there's one to share.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Iron Emote Bundle with the emote should be live on all platforms.

Are you OK with paying $10 for an emote in Destiny 2? Would you be more OK with it if the cosmetic could be earned? Tell us in the comments section!