'Destiny 2' Scourge of the Past Raid Guide & Walkthrough - Tips to Beat It

Destiny 2 's Scourge of the Past raid is officially live, and, as expected, it's very difficult. In this in-depth guide, we walk you through each encounter and offer tips for success. If you need video assistance, feel free to try the clip from KackisHD embedded below.

Encounter 1

To start, scale buildings and move towards the center. You'll come across a Berserker. Get close and he'll make a shield that nerfs you, but it also exposes weak spots on his chest and back. have one person shoot each spot. The shield goes down, and he gets hit. Shotguns are especially helpful once the barrier is down.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 1 city fight
The raid starts by taking down this Berserker. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Pick up the sphere dropped by the Berserker and place it in a nearby device. This charges a map. Players are marked in yellow. There are four green locations with dots above them. The dots tell you where you need to go. You'll also see a red icon with a sphere above it. That's the location of the next Berserker.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 2 map
Have two players watch this map and place the orbs in the matching spots. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Two players need to stay by the map and watch it while defending from adds. The other four should go after the marked Berserker. Once you kill the marked Berserker it drops two orbs. Each player picks one up.

When that happens, the map icons for the players show a certain number of dots above them. The player needs to go to the marked green location with the same number of dots. In other words, the three-dot player needs to go to the three-dot location. When the player arrives, they should plant the sphere there. Delivering the orb to the wrong place means instant death, so be careful. It might help to deal with just one orb at a time for organization purposes.

Every time you go through this cycle of picking up two orbs, one player must go to a marked location, while the other goes back to power the map. The orb carrier should always have help as well, because adds will get in the way. Rinse and repeat till that encounter is done. One of the orbs will give you the Ionized debuff too. When that happens, just rotate the debuffed person to map duty.

Once you're done with that, drop down the holes around the city to collect your first reward.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 3 holes
After you place all your orbs and finish the encounter, go down these holes. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Encounter 2

Try to go to holes near the domed buildings. These take you to the tunnels. They're hard to navigate, but you want to work your way to the open rooms shown below.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 5 target open room
From here, jump up and to the left to get where you want to be. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Keep going till you get to the room that leads to this hole. That's where you need to go to reach the next part of the raid. From this angle, jump up the piped pathway back and to the left. Follow the looped path around till you get here. Atop a pile of rocks is a slit hole in the wall to the right.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 6 hole location
Pass through the nearby slit in the wall to reach the next area. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Going through takes you to some caves. Drop down to the bottom and follow the path with your Sparrow till you get here. You'll see a shielded door with two terminals on each side.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 7 cave room
At this point you'll see two terminals that open blast doors. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Approach the terminals and you'll see a holographic image of a hand. You need to melee both consoles at the same time. This triggers a Botza Underground encounter. When that happens, Two blast doors open. Send your teammates through it as fast as possible with a Sparrow.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 8 hand
Two players must melee these terminals at the same time. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

A Giant flaming boss will be chasing you through the path. Getting too close means instant death. You need to outrun it, so try to spread out your group. Some of your team will probably die, but only two need to survive to move forward. The teammates must simultaneously hit the two consoles at the end of the fairly straightforward route to end the encounter.

Encounter 3

The door closes, and you'll enter a new area with pillars and caves. Look for pillars with pipes on them as seen below.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 9 pipes
Look for pillars with pipes attached. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Jump on the pipes and use them to make your way to the top section of the room.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 10 top area
Use the pipes to navigate to the top area of the room. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

You'll reach this cave entrance.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 11 cave ebntrance
After jumping on the pipes, you'll ultimately arrive here. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Progress through and you'll eventually come to this wide opening. Jump down, go up through the caves, and you'll come to a large hole that leads up to an armory. This is your pathway to the next encounter.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 12 cave opening
Hop down from here to work your way up to the last big arena. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

This arena shown below is where the third and fourth encounters take place. For now, a boss will spawn in the center that doesn't take damage. To kill it you need to summon tanks.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 13 final arena
This arena is where the third and fourth encounters take place. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

To do that, look for this yellow-bar enemy in the back middle of the arena. Near that you'll see four electrified holes in the ground near large buildings. Killing the pictured yellow bar disables the electricity and lets you in.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 14 yellow health enemy
Shoot this yellow-bar enemy to gain access to the electrified tunnels below. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Send four team members into the underground ring that's now accessible. Split off into duos. Look for generators like the one shown below. One person in each duo melees the generator to collect the charge. The circle is the Continuous Charge, the triangle is the Angular Charge and the square is the Parallel Charge. Don't melee the red consoles with glitchy symbols or you'll die.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 15 generator
Collect charges from each generator. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Getting the charge creates a circle around each duo. Get too close, and you'll tether and start hurting each other. Rotate teams to avoid this.

Once you get your charge, you need to get two of the same one. To do that, the teammates not in the tunnels have to kill another Servitor. That will reset the consoles and let you get another. While you get the charge, your partner should be on add control.

Once each of your duos has a charge pair, the teammates at the top need to kill another Servitor. Deal with that, then the two charge holders need to spawn tanks at the specific spots shown below. These are large, flat pads with a console to place the charge. There are pads in the front left, front right and back middle from the arena image above.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 16 tank spawn
Bring your pairs to these tank spawns to damage the boss. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

As you nail the boss with tanks, bullets will rain down on you from red beams. Just keep moving to avoid them. When you tank health gets to red, take one last shot and get out.

After your tanks die, you basically have to repeat what was already done. Have a new team go underground while the tank welders kill the Servitor to reset the charge. Get two more charge pairs and spawn more tanks. Keep going till you beat the boss. Go back to the start to find a Raid Chest.

Encounter 4

The final boss fight takes place in the same arena. Your first step is to take out the orb-carrying Berserker. Grab the orb and plant it just like you did at the start of the raid. This spawns another map.

The symbols and process works just like before. Two people stay in the map area and command the rest of the team. Once you place the first sphere, a new Berserker location appears on the map. Send your field team there. Kill the Marauders first then kill the Berserker with the same strategy from before.

He drops two spheres which need to be dropped at the matching dot locations. Again, it's easiest to organize if the process is handled one orb at a time. The drop locations are the tank spawns. You need to do this four times to spawn the tanks.

While all this is going on, the rest of your team should be working on the massive boss in the center. As seen below, it has white marks around its body. Shoot each one, and its shield goes down. Hopefully by then all the orbs are planted and the tanks are ready.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 17 mech boss
Shoot the white spots on the boss to disable its shields. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

Start damaging the boss with tanks as soon as you can. If its shields are down, he'll open his stomach and send out a Servitor. Above all, this is your DPS phase.

There are a few things to be aware of. If you see the boss charging up, either nail him with tanks or get out of the way to prevent a wipe. In addition to the boss, you should be using the tanks to clear adds too.

The best way to deal damage is to watch for its EMP blast. When it does that move, players will receive either a Continuous, Angular or Parallel Charge. To maximize damage, shoot the symbol that matches your charge. You need to shoot alongside the other person with your charge while also staying away from other teammates to avoid a debuff. You may have to complete the fight over two or three phases, but it's the same basic idea.

Destiny 2 scourge guide 18 boss symbols
Match the symbol with your charge to do the most damage. Bungie/Activision/KackisHD @ YouTube

That's all there is to know about the Scourge of the Past raid. If you've made it this far, you've truly earned your keep as a top-tier Guardian.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Scourge of the Past raid is exclusive to Black Armory and the Annual Pass.

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