'Destiny 2' Solar Configuration Puzzle Solution & Spreadsheet for Zero Hour Ship

Destiny 2 players can gain early access to the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst and the Scrap CF-717-91 Heroic Zero Hour ship by completing the Solar Configuration puzzle. In this quick guide, we'll outline the changes to the puzzle compared to its Arc and Void counterparts, as well as provide links to the latest spreadsheet of answers.

Destiny 2 Solar Configuration Puzzle

In order to fully understand how the Solar Configuration puzzle works, we strongly advise taking a look at our previous guide based on the Arc and Void puzzles. Since all three puzzles start the exact same way, that earlier guide remains helpful. Our Zero Hour mission guide might have some additional tips too.

With the starting quest item and Blue, Green and Red Keycards in hand—just like the Arc and Void puzzles—the first change worth noting is the new Solar Room puzzle, just before you reach the dials. This time, you need to walk across the tiles in the zigzag pattern illustrated below.

destiny 2 solar configuartion pattern
Walk across the Solar Room in this fashion to finish the Solar Configuration puzzle. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Once you've done that, it's back to dial watching and console selecting. To quickly recap, the Cryptarch room features three dual-wheeled consoles surrounded by seven color-coded rooms with seven unique panels in each room. The goal of the Configuration puzzle is to use signals from the consoles to enter 49 specific codes before time runs out.

destiny 2 arc confuguration vault layout
The vault features seven different rooms on the outside. each of these rooms has seven panels each. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

The consoles feature two dials that have 12 clock-like positions that light up in a specific order. With that idea in mind, you'll essentially get two "numbers" from these dials. Take those numbers, starting with the left dial first, and plug them into this spreadsheet. That will tell you where to go and which panel to interact with. Rinse and repeat this process 49 times to finish the Solar Configuration puzzle.

destiny 2 arc confuguration circle layout
The two dials have 12 clock-like positions that point you to specific rooms and panels in those rooms. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

In order to get the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst and its associated ship, you must beat the boss as well. Take this into account when budgeting your time.

destiny 2 outbreak perfected ship
The Scrap CF-717-91 is your reward for finishing all three Void Configuration puzzles. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Arc, Void and Solar configuration puzzles operate on a weekly rotation.

Were you able to solve the Solar Configuration puzzle and get the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst? What are your thoughts on the Zero Hour ship? Tell us in the comments section!