'Destiny 2' Truth Quest Guide: Map Asunder, Downed Corsair, Scraps of Paper & More

Destiny 2 Season of Opulence continues with the addition of the Truth quest, and we want to make sure you're among the first to get this returning Exotic rocket launcher. Below, we detail all the steps, including a Map Asunder, finding a Downed Corsair, Scrap of Paper locations and more.

To get started with the Truth quest, you must first battle the new Hive Ogre boss in the Menagerie. Mechanically speaking, to win this fight you need to kill the Cursed Thralls that appear to its left and right. Pick up the orbs they drop and toss them at the Ogre to take its shields down. Then, simply unload on it with everything you've got. Finish that and you'll get the A Scrap of Paper quest step.

A Scrap of Paper

Go to see Petra at the Dreaming City and the quest step will update, telling you to loot an Ascendant Chest. That means you have to do this week's Ascendant Challenge. Here's a guide for that if you need it, and we also have guides for the others in the rotation as well. To prep, grab Petra's Ascendant Chest bounty and multiple Tinctures of Queensfoil. You can get those from the Dreaming City vendor named Huggins or by looting Lost Sector Chests in the area. Simply finish the challenge to get the next quest step.

A Map Asunder

For this part of the quest, you need to collect four map pieces by decoding clues. Due to a glitch, these map pieces can be purchased from Petra in the Abandoned Quests section of her inventory. That being said, this cheese might be patched by the time you read this article.

destiny 2 truth petra cheese
Petra is selling Map Fragments right now, but this is just a glitch. These are helpful for 'Destiny 2's new Truth quest. 'Destiny 2' is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Map Fragment 1 - Simply complete a Nightfall to get this piece.

Map Fragment 2

Go to the Jetsam area of the Tangled Shore and enter this tunnel. Eventually you'll encounter an Ogre. Kill it to get another Map Fragment.

destiny 2 truth tunnel entrance
Enter this tunnel and kill the Ogre inside. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Map Fragment 3

For this Map Fragment, you need to complete an Ascendant Puzzle Challenge on Nessus. There are several, but for simplicity's sake, just pop your tincture near the barge that appeared for Season of Opulence and you'll see a jumping puzzle. Climb to the top and open the chest. There's another puzzle at the Cistern in the back of the Well of Flames.

destiny 2 truth ascendant puzzle location
You'll find an Ascendant platform puzzle here. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Map Fragment 4

The final Map Fragment is earned by opening an Ascendant Chest in the Dreaming City. There's one near Petra.

Now that you have all Map Fragments, it's time to complete the objectives tied to each one. Many of these are fairly straightforward.

  • While Ascendant, defeat combatants on Nessus using any Rocket Launcher. Multikills grant the most efficient progress.
  • Find the badge of a Downed Corsair in the Dreaming City and return it to any Corsair Outpost.
  • Defeat Hive on the Tangled Shore. Defeating Challenging Hive grants the most efficient progress.
  • Complete Nightfall strikes while influenced by a Power handicap of 100, and also use rocket launchers to defeat enemy combatants in Nightfalls.

You may already have a Corsair Down in your inventory, but, if not, you can get one by doing any activities around the Dreaming City. Once you have one, take a look at it in your inventory and its description will offer a clue for where the badge is located. You'll find a Corsair corpse there, which has the badge. Then, go back to the Corsair outpost at the Dreaming City spawn point and give the badge to one of the enemies. Complete all four objectives to get the next quest step.

Candy From a Baby

destiny 2 truth relic
Collect these relics in the Warden of Nothing Strike to make the jumping puzzle easier. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

For this step, you need to complete the Warden of Nothing Strike while Ascendant and find the final hidden Ascendant Chest. Just pick the normal Strike from the Tangled Shore directory. Remember to pop a tincture once you load in.

During the Strike you'll see several of these relics. When you collect them, you'll be told that "an Ascendant Platform has appeared." The more of these you collect, the easier the final jumping puzzle will be. They aren't too hard to find, but the video above contains all the relic locations you need. Just kill the boss, complete the puzzle and open the chest at the end to get the Truth Exotic rocket launcher.

Destiny 2 Truth Review

destiny 2 truth guide
Truth in 'Destiny 2' has many of the same advantages as the original version. Bungie/KackisHD @ YouTube

Once you've got Truth in your inventory, here's a quick recap of the gun's major benefits. It's very similar to its original Destiny counterpart.

  • Prototype Trueseeker: This weapon's rockets have tracking. Lock onto targets when aiming down sights.
  • Volatile Launch: Plus 15 blast radius, minus five velocity and minus five handling.
  • High Velocity Rounds: Plus 10 velocity and plus 10 reload speed
  • Grenades and Horseshoes: Projectiles will detonate when they are within close proximity of their targets.
  • Composite Stock: Plus five stability and plus five handling.

With those perks, Truth appears to have many of the same advantages it did in the past. In PvE, Truth is huge for damage purposes, while its tracking features are extremely helpful in PvP. Truth was popular in the Crucible of the original Destiny, so it'll be interesting to see if that trend continues with the sequel.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

What are your thoughts on the Truth quest in Destiny 2? Were you able to find the Downed Corsair and all four scraps of paper? Tell us in the comments section!