'Destiny 2' Update 2.04 Nerfs Warlocks and Adds Witherhoard - Patch Notes

Destiny 2 update has just been released as version 2.04 on PS4. While the interstitial patch doesn't completely overhaul the Beyond Light experience players know, it does make a few critical changes to the Stasis Warlock. The Witherhoard has also returned to PvE and PvP as well. Read the full patch notes below courtesy of a Bungie.net blog post.

Destiny 2 Update 2.04 ( Patch Notes

destiny 2 update 204 patch notes
'Destiny 2' update has released as version 2.04 on PS4. Read the full list of changes in the patch notes below. 'Destiny 2' is available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Bungie



  • Fixed an issue where the Coriolis Force Fusion Rifle was getting more ammo than intended from ammo bricks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Witherhoard damage debuff wasn't being removed properly.
    • Witherhoard has now been re-enabled.



  • Fixed exploits with the Warlock Shadebinder Super.
  • Stasis breakout damage reduced (110->90hp).
    • Adjusted the curve that reduces breakout damage using Resilience.
    • Increased the damage reduction effect Resilience has so that higher tiers of Resilience are more valuable.
    • Caps out at 90 Resilience.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) projectile speed reduced by 20 percent.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) range reduced (was 28m now 16m).
  • Winter's Wrath (Stasis Warlock Super) duration reduced (was 30s now 24s).
  • Winter's Wrath light attack (Stasis Warlock Super) cost reduced (was 5 percent per burst, now 4.5 percent per burst).
  • Cold Snap seeker speed reduced by 23 percent.

Against Guardians:

  • Cold Snap freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Ice Flare Bolts freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock melee) freeze duration lowered (was 4.75s now 1.35s).
  • Winter's Wrath heavy attack (Stasis Warlock Super) no longer affects players who are not encased.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Fixed an issue where Pinnacle rewards were not dropping at the correct Power.
  • Fixed an issue where several repeatable bounties were providing more XP than intended.


  • Fixed an issue on Exodus Crash where the Spider Tank wasn't spawning.
    • Exodus Crash has been re-enabled.


  • Fixed an issue that was causing ARUGULA errors.
  • Fixed an issue where Fragment pursuits were purchasable with a full inventory.

While there are plenty of small bug fixes featured in Destiny 2 update 2.04, the two biggest changes involve the return of Witherhoard and a massive nerf to Stasis Warlocks in just about every way. Both situations differ in how they present themselves, but they're both instances in which a class or weapon wound up being far more powerful than Bungie intended. Warlocks were destroying with Super exploits and incredible melee range since the release of Beyond Light, causing chaos in PvE and PvP alike. It may have been fun for Warlock mains to feel like gods over the past few weeks, but today's update returns the meta to some state of normalcy.

With regard to the Witherhoard, however, the overpowered nature of that weapon was purely exploitable in PvP. Errors in damage modifiers essentially allowed the popular grenade launcher to melt Guardians instantly. While this wouldn't otherwise have much of an impact on Witherhoard's use in a PvE scenario, the lopsided nature of combat became too obvious in PvP to let slide.

In sum, Warlock mains probably won't like their big nerf, but at least those relying on Witherhoard in PvE finally have their old friend back. These changes help make the fairly polished Beyond Light experience that much better.

Destiny 2 is available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

What do you think of Destiny 2 update 2.04? Are you OK with the Warlock nerf? Tell us in the comments section!