'Destiny 2' VIP Patrol Missions - What You Need To Know to Get Your Bounty

Destiny 2 players have had to deal with their universe getting infested by all sorts of NPC monsters, aliens and robots. Shooting a walking automaton with grenades and Warlock powers is the gameplay loop, but sometimes missions have you running around a planet with a different goal in mind. VIP Patrol missions have continued to pop up in Bungie's shooter, forcing Guardians to find these rare and elusive quests. Here's what you need to know about the new additions and how to differentiate them from other Patrols.

destiny 2 vip patrol missions guide
Here are the best ways to find VIP Patrol missions Bungie

Destiny 2 VIP Patrols - What Are They?

VIP Patrols have been in Destiny 2 for more than five years, but newer quests have made them more desirable. Patrols can be activated from a beacon on the ground that can be pinpointed on most planets on the map. The beacon will have an icon hovering above it, so you know which mission it is. There's item, survey, kill and scan alongside the VIP missions that are currently the most coveted. You'll know that it's a VIP mission by the triangle and star inside a circle icon on the Patrol area.

Once you activate the Patrol, it will trigger an assassination event, requiring you to kill a targeted minion. The boss will be harder than usual, so it is recommended that you bring a squad to take it down. Completing a VIP mission will grant you 25 faction rep that you can trade in for weapons and items with the area's faction leader. Defeating 50 VIP leaders in these missions or other Patrols will make completing other Patrol missions slightly easier with increased resources.

destiny 2 vip patrol missions guide
All of the icons for Patrol missions in Destiny 2 reddit/irCubic

Destiny 2 has players completing a series of missions over and over to make the strongest character they possibly can. Similar to Warframe, the goal is to grind as much as possible for rewards and loot. As you get more powerful weapons and armor, you'll encounter more powerful units that need to be taken down. These VIP missions are some of the harder bosses outside of Raids, but the rewards you reap are usually worth the investment,

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