'Destiny 2' Will of the Thousands Guide - Nightfall Loot, Rewards & Walkthrough

Destiny 2 has one last Nightfall to end Season 3, and it's predictably the Will of the Thousands mission from Warmind. Since that's the case, all players must have Warmind to finish the Strike. With that disclaimer out of the way, let's get to our walkthrough.


You're probably already a solid Destiny 2 player if you've purchased Warmind and beat the campaign. That being said, this guide speaks to those with an intermediate understanding of the game's mechanics.

As soon as the Nightfall starts, board a Sparrow, follow the waypoint and jump off the Sparrow as combat begins. Hive Knights, Acolytes and Adherents are your main foes here. Just coordinate with your team and watch out for snipers on the left. You'll pass through the caverns and into a subterranean network when you reach Dynamo Approach. The next step is to "overload the Neural Net."

Once you clear out the room, interact with this panel to open a vent and shoot the exposed core in front of you. Push forward into the next room and you'll see another control panel setup. This time, however, you must defend it from Hive and a Wizard while Ana helps you out. Once your team kills the Wizard, the vent opens and you can shoot another core. Follow the waypoint and you'll come to another core, but it's not defended this time.

Destiny 2 will of thousands console
Activate this console and shoot the core when it’s exposed. Bungie/Activision/Chabo 91 @ YouTube

Just keep on pressing through and Ana will help you finish your last big battle by forging a Valkyrie. Have a skilled teammate get it, and prepare for a huge confrontation with Hive. Press forward to your waypoint and go down the extended hallway into the boss area. If you've done all that's asked of you so far, you should have a decent score heading into the boss.

Destiny 2 will of thousands vaklyrie
Have your most offensive team member get the Valkyrie. Bungie/Activision/Chabo 91 @ YouTube

The main detail to know about Xol is that his weak spot is in the center of his mouth. However, if you can't get access to that, he also takes damage from standard shots as well. We suggest having two team members snipe from a the stairs while the others move in for big damage. Just wait for him to open his mouth and unload. Use the walls by the stairs if you need cover.

You'll eventually get to a second stage where adds spawn in. At this point, have one more team member move up while you hang back. Especially if you need more points, this is a good time to farm. Just keep fighting and shooting in Xol's mouth till he dies. If you need more points, kill more adds.

Destiny 2 will of thousands xol
Keep shooting Xol in the mouth to do big damage. Bungie/Activision/Chabo 91 @ YouTube


We hope you weren't looking for some great strike-specific loot, because this one appears to be a bit of a downer. For your trouble you'll get the Worm God Incarnation Transmat Effect for your ship. It adds a vision of Xol to your Transmat effects. It's not quite what fans were expecting, but maybe there are more secrets yet to be discovered.

Destiny 2 will of thousands loot
The Will of the Thousands loot is really underwhelming, Bungie/Activision

Destiny 2 is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Will of the Thousands Strike is the same on all platforms.

What are your thoughts on the Will of the Thousands Nightfall? Are you disappointed by the boring unique loot? Tell us in the comments section!