'Detective Pikachu' Trailer: Every Pokémon Featured In Live-Action Preview

The first trailer for Detective Pikachu is here, showing a world where live-action humans interact with Pokémon. While the trailer shows some key story elements for the movie, we're here because we Gotta Catch 'Em All! Or at least try to see how many different Pokémon we can spot in the trailer. Let's get started.

Immediately, we see a few flying Pokémon, one looks like a Spearow. At the five-second-mark there's a Charmander right at the front of the screen, a Dodrio and a Pidgey can also be seen in the distance. Then, at seven seconds in, there is a Psyduck.

We take a break from the Pokémon hunting to talk about Detective Pikachu's story, and how protagonist Tim Goodman has recently lost his father, skilled detective Harry Goodman. The detective has gone missing, and details are scarce.

Pikachu is so fuzzy in the first trailer for Detective Pikachu Warner Bros.

We finally get our first glimpse of Pikachu himself at the 44-second mark. I guess it makes sense that Pikachu would have hair, but I wasn't expecting him to be this… fuzzy. It's also a little jarring hearing the voice of Ryan Reynolds coming from a Pikachu, but we're here for Pokémon!

Jumping ahead to 1:06, there are a trio of Emolga sitting on a food stand roof. If you pause at 1:15, you can also see a Venusaur and what could be the side of an Audino. I'm not positive what that pink Pokémon is exactly.

At 1:32, a row of Bulbasaur walk by, then at 1:34, a very fuzzy Jigglypuff is angrily sitting on a table. I assumed Jigglypuffs were smooth, almost like a balloon. It's weird seeing one all hairy like that. Moving ahead to 1:36, we have a very impressive Charizard shooting fire, then one second later we see a trio of Greninjas jumping through the air.

Pausing at 1:39, there's a quick glimpse of a Squirtle off to the right side of the screen and what could be a Rufflet on the left. The Psyduck returns at 1:41, then starting at 1:45, there is a funny interrogation scene involving a Mr. Mime. The trailer then ends with more looks at the Greninjas, Charizard and Psyduck.

If you're just looking for quick reference, here's the above information in table form:

Spearow - :01

Pidgey - :05

Charmander - :05

Dodrio - :05

Psyduck - :07

Pikachu - :45

Emolga - 1:06

Venusaur - 1:15

Audino - 1:15

Bulbasaur - 1:32

Jigglypuff - 1:34

Charizard - 1:36

Greninja - 1:37

Squirtle - 1:39

Rufflet - 1:39

Mr. Mime - 1:45

Did we miss any? Make sure you report your findings in the comments below. It's like a real-life version of Pokémon Snap! Detective Pikachu doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but is expected in theaters sometime in Summer 2019.

So what do you think? Are you excited to watch Detective Pikachu now that you've seen the first trailer? What Pokémon isn't in the trailer that you hope makes a cameo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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