Michigan Police Officer Fired After Making Racially Charged Snapchat Video Mocking 'Black Girl Magic': 'Bye Felicia'

A Michigan police officer was fired this week after posting a video to Snapchat that included insensitive comments made against a woman after a traffic stop.

Former officer Gary Steele, who worked at the Detroit Police Department for more than eight years, was heard in the video—recorded January 29—mocking motorist Ariel Moore, 23, after seizing her vehicle because she was allegedly driving with an expired license plate.

In the clip, Steele's comments included "priceless" and "bye Felicia." Captions on the video included "what black girl magic looks like" and "celebrating Black History Month." His firing was announced by Detroit police chief James Craig in a Wednesday press briefing.

Police chief Craig told media: "I have made the determination that police officer Gary Steele be terminated from his position…which is effective today. Former police officer Steele has lost the trust of those he served and can no longer provide policing services in our city."

He added: "Clearly the video discredited the young lady, who is a resident of our city, and we recognise that this certainly has the potential of betraying the trust that we have worked so hard to maintain between the police department and our community. The captions used…were all derogatory, demoralizing, degrading and yes, racially insensitive in the context."

The decision about the future of Steele's partner Michael Garrison will be made in the coming week, the chief said. WDIV-TV reported on February 4 both were suspended with pay. After the video surfaced, Steele was demoted and an investigation launched by internal affairs.

Officer Gary Steele and his partner mocked a young Black Detroit woman who they pulled over for expired tags. They ordered Ariel Moore to walk home in dangerously freezing temperatures, recorded her and posted the video with the caption "what black girl magic looks like." pic.twitter.com/AAi2U8lqTv

— Atlanta Black Star (@ATLBlackStar) February 1, 2019

The pair could potentially face criminal charges, the police chief said. Local media reported it was Garrison who could be heard in the social media upload saying "walk of shame."

Detroit News reported it was not the first time that Steele had made such a Snapchat video. The news outlet reported on February 5 that the internal investigation had found footage, recorded in 2017, that showed the officer mocking a black family who were forced to carry Christmas presents home after their car was impounded.

According to Detroit News, Steele served a year of probation in 2008 after assaulting a former girlfriend. And in 2015, he was suspended for 60 days after shooting deer while on duty.

In an interview this month, Craig told WDIV-TV that Steele had a troubling history. He said: "When I look at his background and the seriousness of what he was charged with, my question is, 'What did the department do?' I can't go back in time and address that issue. It's my issue now."