'The Devil All the Time' Narrator: Who Does The Voiceover in Netflix's Film?

The Devil All the Time has a strong ensemble cast, which includes Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough. None of these actors, however, provided the voiceover that ties together the various plots of the film (and which says the name of the movie in its opening minutes.)

This opening narration of the Netflix movie comes straight out of the Donald Ray Pollock book the film is based off of, 2011's The Devil All the Time. Per an interview director Antonio Campos gave with Sight & Sound Magazine, they initially tried to make the movie without this voiceover but felt it was needed to tie the sections together.

"In the beginning we did it without a voiceover—although we knew we wanted to have a voiceover—because we wanted the exercise of writing the script without it, to see where voiceover was wanted or needed. Then we started that process of incorporating voiceover, and that really brought it all together."

With the adaptation being quite a close one to the Pollock novel, the crew made a decision to tie the movie even closer to the book by having the author himself as the narrator for the film.

the devil all the time bill skarsgard
Bill Skarsgard and Michael Banks Repeta in 'The Devil All the Time' on Netflix Netflix

Speaking to IdeaStream, Pollock said of this: "They came up with the idea that they wanted to have a narrator, and he asked me if I would do that. So, you know, I agreed. I thought, 'well, you know, this is the closest I'm ever going to come to being in a movie.'"

In this interview, the author also notes that "after seeing the finished product, Pollock wondered why they didn't choose a more polished voice for the film, like Morgan Freeman."

This is Pollock's first time working as a narrator. The author does not even narrate his own audiobooks—in the audio version of The Devil All the Time, for example, the story is read by Mark Bramhall

However, Campos said that Pollock was his only choice to be the narrator. In an NBC News interview, the director said: "There was nobody else that could capture the sound of that specific place. The narrator was this kind of omniscient presence, and he was 'the creator of the world'."

He added in a Vanity Fair interview: "His voice is very powerful. We needed a narrator to guide us, to connect all these pieces and give us a sense that there is something bigger at play here. It had to be Don."

The Devil All the Time is streaming now on Netflix.

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