'Devil May Cry 5' Hands-On Impressions: Impressive Gameplay Has Me Wanting More

One of the major surprises at E3 2018 this past June was the reveal of Devil May Cry 5, the next installment of the classic Capcom franchise.

Although the DMC 5 release isn't till March 2019, Capcom brought the demon-slashing adventure game to New York Comic Con 2018 and let fans try out the latest iteration. I was one of the lucky ones to try out one of the early levels of the game and I was very impressed. Both the presentation and the gameplay are on point.

I'm not too familiar with the Devil May Cry franchise, but I do have experience with games like Bayonetta and DMC 5 felt similar in a lot of ways. Playing as Nero, I combined different actions and attacks to destroy hordes of demons.

devil may cry 5 art
'Devil May Cry 5' will release in March 2019 Capcom

I used gunshots, sword slashes and punches to take down the hellish beasts. And punches are where the combinations get intricate. There are various gauntlets (or mechanical arms) that you can pick up as you make your way through the level. The abilities vary and let players go crazy. Some examples of the various arms were one that acts like a zipline, allowing for Nero to get in close and fast. Another is a straight punching attack that when charged up, can perform some wrestling-style slams.

Another arm can launch itself like a missile at the enemy and deliver multiple punches. I was even able to perform a move that allowed Nero to surf on his flying arm so he can slash and blast demons with style (although I have no idea how I did it).

Like many great hack and slash-style games, a lot of the fun is in learning combos and mastering the few you feel comfortable with. It's also going to be interesting to be able to play as the other characters in the game and learning how they play as well.

I did have a problem with the lock on function though. DMC 5 has players holding on to the right bumper to lock on to enemies, but for a game that requires quick inputs of different buttons I'd prefer to just tap to lock on and focus on getting as many attacks in as possible. Also, I was playing DMC 5 on Xbox so the control scheme was a bit confusing in regards to dodging. Like Monster Hunter , you'll want to roll out of the way of attacks, especially in boss battles, but my PS4 mind couldn't grasp which button I needed to press and I constantly would push the wrong input.

This would lead to my inevitable defeat duringthe boss battle, which honestly didn't feel that challenging. I presume the difficulty would go up in the final game, but I'm pretty confident I would have defeated it if I could get the dodging down. I'm also not convinced I could dodge in mid-air, but I couldn't confirm.

But for someone who doesn't have a lot of history with the franchise, DMC 5 looks great, feels good and I'm looking forward to what the game has to offer. I imagine hardcore fans will find even more to enjoy.

Devil May Cry 5 will release on Xbox One and PS4 on March 8.