'Devil May Cry 5' DLC Release Time: When Can You Download 'Bloody Palace'?

You've mastered all the Devil Breakers, exceed your Exceed gauge and cleared every mission in Devil May Cry 5Smokin' Sexy Style. Then it's time to get covered in palatial blood, with a DLC release targeted right at the hardest of the hard core. "Bloody Palace," the only planned DLC for Devil May Cry 5, is out Monday, April 1. " Devil hunters, get ready for the ultimate challenge!" Capcom's release date announcement proclaimed. But when will you be able to download the "Bloody Palace" DLC on PS4, Xbox One and Windows?

DMC 5 "Bloody Palace" DLC Release Time

Unfortunately, since "Bloody Palace" will be released as an update to Devil May Cry 5, rather than DLC from an online games store, the release time won't adhere to standard download timeframes in the PlayStation Store or Steam. As of the time of publication, Devil May Cry 5 and official Capcom social media accounts haven't offered new information about the "Bloody Palace" DLC since March 14, but any "Bloody Palace" announcements should appear @DevilMayCry on April 1.

But that doesn't mean we have zero indication when "Bloody Palace" will be available to download. When the Resident Evil 2 remake dropped its own DLC on February 15, Capcom announced "The Ghost Survivors" was available to download at 2:58 a.m. Eastern. Expect the same pattern to hold here.

The most likely download time for the Devil May Cry 5 DLC "Bloody Palace" is 3 a.m. EDT on Monday, April 1.

Devil May Cry 5 "Bloody Palace" DLC Content

The first (and possibly only) DLC for Devil May Cry 5 follows a long series tradition. A "Bloody Palace" game mode has appeared in every Devil May Cry game, except the very first. The premise is simple: fight through descending floors of enemies and bosses without dying.

While the preview video (above) indicates all three charactersNero, Dante and Vwill be playable in the DMC 5 "Bloody Palace," few details are available, including exactly how many levels there are to fight through. Several previous entries in the Devil May Cry series had thousands of floors in their bloody palaces, while the two most recent Devil May Cry games each had 101. However many floors you'll have to conquer in the DMC 5 version, it's certain the "Bloody Palace" DLC will offer a serious challenge to even the most expert Triple-S players.

The "Bloody Palace" DLC will be available for download as a free update to Devil May Cry 5, beginning April 1.

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