'Diablo 3' Amiibo: Pre-Orders Available Now For Loot Goblin at GameStop

Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch and Blizzard is looking to fully celebrate the launch with a loot goblin Amiibo figure. The figure is available to pre-order right now, and is exclusive to GameStop.

Where there are goblins, there is treasure to be found! Summon your own portal to untold riches with the exclusive #DiabloSwitch Loot Goblin amiibo – available Dec 2018! pic.twitter.com/jLe4vMmkcH

— Diablo (@Diablo) November 1, 2018

The loot goblin Amiibo features a huge bag of gold and more treasures on its back. Like other Amiibo figures, tapping the loot goblin onto your Switch while playing Diablo 3 grants special unlocks. What those are haven't exactly been confirmed just yet, but we have a few clues. The GameStop listing for the loot goblin Amiibo says using the figure "opens up a portal in-game." More details on this ability are said to come soon, but the tweet from Blizzard above makes it sound like this portal is filled with all sorts of loot and money.

Diablo 3 for Switch releases tomorrow, Nov. 2. It features all previously released content for the game, including the Rise of the Necromancer and Reaper of Souls updates. As an added bonus, the Switch version of Diablo 3 exclusively features Legend of Zelda items, like Ganondorf's armor and a Cucco companion pet, amongst others.

As for the loot goblin Amiibo, the release date listed on the GameStop page is Dec. 31, 2018. This means there likely isn't a release date set yet, and the retailer is using this date as a placeholder. Expect more details on when to expect the Amiibo when Blizzard reveals what exactly it does in Diablo 3 .

So what do you think? Are you interested in playing Diablo 3 on your Nintendo Switch? Will you pre-order a loot goblin Amiibo for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.