Ex- 'Diablo' Dev in Viral Twitch Clip Was Just Speculating

On Wednesday afternoon the livestreamfails subreddit went red with rage after a clip was posted from a former Blizzard developer. The stream, from Oct. 5, featured one of the original Diablo developers and former Blizzard North president David Brevik who had a bit too much to drink. Brevik talked about the removal of the profit-sharing program for Blizzard employees and how it may have lead to former president Mike Morhaime's departure. "We don't like that low level employees make good money at Blizzard," Brevik theorized. "Now we pass it into our pockets, more money for us mother fucker."

The clip, mostly taken out of context, blew up and has been viewed more than 200,000 times. With nearly 7,000 upvotes on the livestreamfails subreddit, the comment section has become a bashing ground for Blizzard. "Blizzard's future not looking good tbh," one user wrote. "Watching the creator of Diablo 2 talk shit about Blizzard on a stream of Path of Exile has to be my favorite thing this year," wrote another.

Brevik told Newsweek over Twitter DM that he was just guessing about what might be going on inside Blizzard. "I was just speculating that this is a possible scenario," he said. "I have no inside information…. I don't know if I even believe it, it was just a hypothetical scenario." Blizzard has not reached out to Brevik about the clip.

"Sounds a bit like I had a long day and a few drinks at that point in the stream," Brevik added. "It was probably my bedtime."

After leaving Blizzard, Brevik went on to work at Graybeard games, working on the indie title It Lurks Below. On Twitch, alongside his wife who goes by thejunglequeen, he streams and talks directly with the fans who love his games.

This past month has been rough for Diablo fans. Before Blizzcon, the long-awaited Diablo 4 had been alluded to online and fans were waiting for the official announcement. Instead they got Diablo: Immortal, a mobile game created in partnership with Chinese giant Netease. Fans were very upset about the reveal, creating a massive amount of backlash from the community.

On the day of the announcement, Brevik shared his opinion on Diablo: Immortal after attending a Warriors basketball game. He believes that fans had the right to be upset, but need to be constructive in their criticism and not to jump to conclusions until we've seen the game. "Announcing a mobile game to a bunch of hardcore PC gamers was not the right way to go about it," Brevik said.

Update: Blizzard has responded, saying that "profit sharing remains a part of Blizzard's compensation package as normal" and that Brevik has not been an employee since 2003.