‘Diablo III’ Nintendo Switch Rumors: Blizzard Tweet Was a Joke

The Diablo switch teaser that started it all. Blizzard

Diablo III might be coming to the Nintendo Switch, but not yet. A tweet from the official Blizzard account on Tuesday shows the big red guy himself, Diablo, as a light switch getting turned on and off. Fans speculated in the comments that this was a teaser for a port of the dungeon crawler.

Sadly, it now appears the tweet wasn’t an announcement at all. A Blizzard representative told Polygon: ““We can assure you we’re not that clever… [It was] meant to be a fun community engagement piece. We have nothing to announce.” Put your swords and glaives away, it looks like we aren’t heading back to the town of Tristam in the near future.

Having Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch would be awesome, but the gore would have to be toned down immensely. Blizzard’s port of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the console toned down a lot of its bloody content. That’s a lot harder to do with Diablo ’s exploding corpses and satanic setting.

Fans have long hoped for ports from the original Diablo and its two sequels , but Blizzard has been pretty quiet on that topic. In an interview last month with IGN, Blizzard co-founder and Diablo creator David Breviki said getting older games to modern screens requires a massive feat of engineering. For instance, since Diablo II rendered its enemies right off screen, the high-resolution, large monitors popular among gamers nowadays wouldn’t work. That’s not to say that a Diablo II remake is impossible, we just aren’t there yet.

It’s amazing that Diablo 3, a game released six years ago, can still inspire this much excitement. I played through Diablo III for the first time last year when the Necromancer was revealed, and fell in love immediately. My girlfriend and I ran through endless corridors, stabbing demons and summoning fireballs to do our bidding. For two weeks, that was all we did. If the game came to the Switch, we’d start back over.