Pastor Says If Jesus Supported 'Demon Possessed Traitor,' Evangelicals Can Support Trump

Prominent Pro-Trump evangelicals have sounded off on the Stormy Daniels controversy in recent days, with many vowing to continue supporting the president despite an alleged affair with the adult film star.

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke, who made headlines last year for a viral rant against gay people, shared his rationalization for supporting the blustery business mogul with his 30,000 followers and 1.5 million Facebook followers.

"People are like 'If you support Trump you can't be a Christian,'" Locke tweeted.
"Do y'all listen when you talk? Jesus hired a demon possessed traitor to handle his money for 3 years. He can use the President if He so desires. Take a seat people."

Some online were confused by the tweet. Others enjoyed pointing out apparent "hypocrisy" from a group that offered moral condemnation during the Lewinsky scandal.

Still others came armed with puns.

Several of Locke's other tweets caused a stir, specifically those that degraded Daniels. One in particular caught the eye of CNN's Jake Tapper, who exchanged a quick back-and-forth with the pastor over a bible passage that preaches compassion for a woman who has lived "a sinful life."

Despite the moral quandaries posed by a Trump presidency, evangelicals continue to overwhelmingly back the thrice-married businessman, according to the Pew Research Center. His job performance hovered around 80 percent for the group in mid-March, months after the alleged Daniels scandal broke in The Wall Street Journal.

Other polling suggests that while evangelicals believe the reports about Trump's infidelity are true, they don't think it matters. David Brody, who co-authored The Faith of Donald Trump: A Spiritual Biography, rationalized the voting behavior of the religious group in a New York Times op-ed.

"This president's effect on our cultural norms has been shocking," Brody wrote. "His critics would call it appalling; evangelicals say it's immensely satisfying: They've seen a culture deteriorate quickly in the past decade, and they're looking for a bold culture warrior to fight for them. Showing that God does indeed have a sense of humor, He gave them Mr. Trump."

Pastor Says If Jesus Supported 'Demon Possessed Traitor,' Evangelicals Can Support Trump | U.S.