Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Broke Up Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in Cheating Scandal, Jackson's Niece Claims

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake arrive at Clive Davis's pre-Grammy awards gala in Beverly Hills, California, on February 26, 2002. Some claim the choreographer Wade Robson split the pair up. J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images

HBO's Leaving Neverland featured Hollywood choreographer Wade Robson, who claimed he was sexually assaulted by King of Pop Michael Jackson as a child. Robson previously defended Jackson, twice, at his trials. Now, Robson is being accused of betrayal once more, but this time in regard to pop icons Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake splitting in 2002.

Michael Jackson's niece, Brandi Jackson, claimed she dated Robson for nearly all of her teenage years and his account of abuse is simply not true. The plot deepened when she explained she broke up with Robson after a cheating scandal involving Spears and Timberlake.

Brandi spoke with podcast host and Mediaite writer John Zeigler in an hour-long conversation published Saturday. In it, she revealed a handful of accusations and her own side of the story.

Jackson's niece explained how she got close to Robson. "He had asked my Uncle Michael if he would basically put us in a situation where we could get to know each other further," Brandi said of her young relationship with Robson. "So my uncle invited Wade, his mom and his sister to the ranch."

Brandi said they stayed at the ranch about a week. In Leaving Neverland, Robson described a week, and more without his family, where he stayed at the ranch with Jackson. He claimed those were the time periods Jackson molested him and the two developed a sexual relationship. Robson said he was in a relationship with Jackson from age 7 to 14.

After the week at the ranch, Brandi said Robson asked her to be his girlfriend. At the time, Brandi said they were both about 12 years old. They continued dating through their teen years and didn't have sex until they were 18, Brandi explained. In her time line, she was around 20 years old when the pair broke up due to cheating allegations.

Robson is a professional choreographer known for his work with Spears and Timberlake. Brandi said in the later years of their relationship Robson's behavior changed, and she suspected he was cheating on her with the women he worked with. She even alleged he was responsible for the breakup of Spears and Timberlake.

"I know that he was pursuing her," Brandi said of Robson's relationship with Spears. "In my understanding, Justin brought Wade onto the project to do production. That's when Britney and Wade really got closer and began sleeping with each other."

When news broke in the media that Robson might be having an affair with Spears, he denied it. It wasn't until a mutual friend told Brandi about a number of women he'd been seeing that he came clean. The pair broke up on the spot.

Brandi said that due to Robson's "narcissistic" personality, she didn't think it was too far-fetched to say he was lying about Jackson. She also expressed love and admiration for her late uncle.