'Digimon ReArise' Guide: Reroll, Widget and Digiwalk Explained

There might have been clickers or freemium ad machines before, but Digimon ReArise is the first real digital monster game on mobile. Developed By Bandai, tamers can take control of their own virtual pets as evil wire-frame Spirals attempt to overtake our own world. Somewhere crossed between Hacker's Memory and Dragilia Lost, Re:Arise is a full experience designed for true Digimon fans. There's even the brand-new hedgehog Herissmon and a full line of digivolutions to collect.

digimon rearise guide digiwalk reroll widget
My Digimon ReArise squad in full force Bandai

Digimon ReArise can be confusing, but here are a few tips and tricks that make playing the game just a bit easier.

Digimon ReArise Reroll Guide

Like any game with gacha mechanics, Digimon ReArise requires a lot of luck to get good monsters. Upon completing the first few missions in Act 1 you'll be given 11 free rolls that usually cost rubies, the game's premium currency. A blue orb is common and gives you a Rookie Digimon that will only digivolve to Ultimate. A gold gives you a Champion that will go Ultimate, which isn't that bad in the early game. The best is a rainbow orb that can give you a Champion or Ultimate that can go Mega. That's the best (and rarest) of the bunch.

digimon rearise guide digiwalk reroll widget
You start out on step one and then work your way to step five by spending rubies. Bandai

Minervamon, Wisemon and Mamemon are just some of the S-tier Digimon that will help you later in the game. Here's a full list on reddit of the best Digimon you can pull from your first or later rolls. Remember to check the digivolution line on the Profile tab to see what you'll be able to unlock. Minervamon starts out as a Frigimon and then needs additional materials to digivolve.

Digimon ReArise Widget Guide

ReArise allows you to set up a Widget on your phone and see your partner digimon in sprite form. To activate the widget on an Android, simply hold down on the main screen for a few seconds until the "Add Widget" button appears. You'll see the ReArise option and you can place that anywhere. On iOS, swipe right over the Home Screen and head to the bottom of the page where it says "Edit". Press the plus icon to add the widget and you can see it on the main screen. You'll complete a mission and unlock some Rubies for adding the widget.

Digimon ReArise Digiwalk Guide

digimon rearise guide digiwalk reroll widget
Kabuterimon is one of my favorites in case you couldn't tell Bandai

Like the original Tamagotchi hybrids that started the Digimon craze, Digimon ReArise lets you nurture a Digimon. Once you hit Act 5, you'll be able to switch out your Partner Digimon and go for walks with it. If you encounter other players out in the real world, you'll unlock items, and potentially other DIgimon, to add to your squad. Your phone has to have a pedometer in order for the feature to work and needs to be allowed access from the Settings menu.