Diner Worker Who Quit After Being Dragged Into Boss's Fight Splits Opinion

A worker asked Reddit whether they should go and meet the owner of the restaurant they just quit because he wants a "face to face sit down," and the internet has jumped in to help them.

In a post shared on Reddit on Monday, the ex restaurant worker, who goes by the username u/Ok_Cap3087, explained that their job exhausted them to the point of making them quit.

"One night I was left alone to cook for dinner service w/o any help except a 15 year old who could serve/cashier. Two days later I got asked off the clock to run errands to get some supplies that they were lacking during a busy morning service.

"Then got dragged into an argument between the manager and another staff member. I said f*** this s***, I don't get paid enough, and quit on the spot, and left."

tired restaurant worker
A file photo of a tired restaurant worker. An ex restaurant employee has divided the internet by asking if they should meet the manager of the restaurant they just quit for a face-to-face chat. Getty Images

Since then their manager has texted them asking what happened that made them leave, and after OP "laid things out" to him, he still wanted to have a face-to-face sit down.

"Wife said I owe them nothing and legally in a work at will state, I don't. Should I still have a sit down?" they asked Reddit.

According to Data USA, there were 12.1 million people employed in the Restaurants & Food Services Industry Group in 2019, and on average, full-time employees worked 42.9 hours per week and had an annual salary of $33,035.

While part-time employees working in the same industry worked 21.7 hours or less a week and earned an average annual salary of about $11,089.

The post, first shared on Monday on the r/antiwork subreddit, where people usually discuss workplaces, has gone viral, receiving over 10,000 upvotes and 581 comments.

Most users told the worker they owe their boss nothing, while others said they would go for a chat. One user, mattjones3141 suggested: "I'd ask him what his goal of the meeting is going to be.

"Is he wanting to get your feedback now that you can be honest about it so that he can improve things? Is he just trying to get you to stay? Is he going to bring you in just to tell you off and feel like he won?"

DirtyPenPalDoug said: "Also should add, if it at any moment becomes a situation where the owner starts to berate or abuse you verbally, leave asap. Leave mid sentence of what they're saying. Be gone. Do not stay for a second of it."

Another user, Jovon35 commented: "You do what YOU feel is best for YOU and your family...not the owner, manager, or co-workers. Let me ask you...if he threw more money at you to come back would you? If the answer's no then don't waste your time or his/hers."

'Know What You Are Worth'

Dabattlewalrus pointed out: "It sounds like he wants to try and work something out with you. Remember if he is, you have the power. Know what you are worth. Do you have any other jobs in line? Are you financially able to hold out for a while? Good luck on whatever choice you make."

And MrBigDog2u suggested: "If you do meet with him, take a recording device and set it on the desk between the two of you. Make it clear on the recording that the conversation is being recorded and have them agree verbally. If they refuse, get up and walk away.

"Any interaction that you have regarding your employment with a manager or above should have a record. The reason these t***s want to have a phone call or face-to-face is so that what they say isn't on the record. Make it clear that everything is on the record."