Dion's Worker Reveals How They Perfectly Chop Their Cucumbers

A Dion's worker has revealed exactly how they manage to chop their cucumbers perfectly every time, and people are desperate to own the machines themselves.

A trend is currently circulating on TikTok featuring Olivia Rodrigo's song, "Happier." It sees men and women angrily chopping phallic-shaped vegetables, as a symbolic gesture to get back at their ex.

Rather than using a standard kitchen knife, the trend, which has amassed more than half a million videos, sees scorned lovers getting creative, using shears, machetes and even graters.

Jumping on the bandwagon, one woman, named Grace Jordan, shared a clip of herself working at the pizza chain, Dion's, while using their industrial equipment.

The pizzeria, which has outlets across Colorado, Texas and New Mexico, is known for its pizza pies and salads, made using "fresh vegetables and crisp lettuce," although it's not clear which branch Jordan is at.

Menu favorites such as the chef, Greek, ranch and turkey salad all call for "diced cucumbers," which appear on the dish as perfectly sliced cubes.

But Jordan revealed kitchen staff don't labor over a chopping board in the kitchen, rather they have some nifty gadgets to take the hassle out of prepping.

Jordan films herself stroking a cucumber with a knife, before she chops each end off with a flourish.

She then pops it in a vertical contraption which skins it in seconds, before she rams the cucumber into what looks like a mini wood-chipper.

Cucumber cubes fall into a bowl, as the cameraman zooms in on a male colleague in the background, as is traditional in the "Happier" trend videos.

Despite numerous people taking part in the trend, Jordan has been unequivocally declared the winner, with her video, shared on Saturday, June 12, amassing nearly 45 million views.

"So you win the trend, it's official," Catie Bird wrote.

Agreeing, Hailey wrote: "This is definitely the best one."

Nesa Chan commented: "Okay we all have to agree that this one wins."

Jillian Smart simply pointed out: "The knife stroke."

Cooking fans are also going wild over the machinery Jordan used, with Kendall asking: "Wait I need one of these for my house where do I get it."

Let's Get That Beard commented: "Wait I need the peeler."

Nehissa said: "Where can I find that machinery asking for a friend."

Molly admitted: "That first machine made me get goosebumps."

While Alice added: "Ok but I literally need the thing that takes the skin off."

Newsweek reached out to Jordan and Dion's for comment.

Stock image of someone chopping cucumber.
Stock image of someone chopping cucumber. A pizzeria worker has revealed how they perfectly chop their cucumbers. Olga Ihnatsyeva/Getty Images

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