Discord Down? Global Outage Keeps Gamers From Using App

UPDATE: The servers are back up.

Discord is currently experiencing a global outage that is keeping users from logging in on their PCs and mobile devices. At around 8:00 a.m. EDT the internet chat room went down and user have been unable to log in since. Discord is aware of the issue and tweeted that work is underway on a fix.

discord outage down cloudflare
Discord is down? Discord

Sorry for the trouble everyone, Wumpus tripped over the power cord. We are aware of the outage and currently working on a fix. Please visit https://t.co/dAvjEAxJuZ for updates.

— Discord (@discordapp) June 24, 2019

Discord Down?

If you want to see when Discord is back up, you can check their server status page. The last update was at 9:19 a.m. EDT, saying that Discord "identified" the problem, a crucial first step to resolving it. An issue with Verizon services has caused problems with Cloudflare and its affected multiple sites including Discord. Cloudflare is a network system that offers servers and domain names but experienced issues this morning due to a problem with Verizon, a Cloudflare spokesperson said.

How long that will take to be fixed still remains a mystery, though Discord employees must be working tirelessly to get the app back up. In the meantime, you can go back to Facebook Messenger to talk to your friends or just send a good, old-fashioned email.

Discord users are flocking to Twitter to share their discontent for the outage. Some people have contacts they can only chat with through Discord so an outage has left them in the dark. The frustration is being vented on social media; Discord started trending on Twitter, with more than100 thousand tweets sharing their takes on the situation.

Discord: *goes down*

Gamers: pic.twitter.com/scZQAGGvvA

— D-Brain (Kered) @Trying my Best (@iowahawkfan21) June 24, 2019

Discord (among other sites) is down and people are freaking out.

Trending when your product goes down might be the best sign that you’ve built something people love. pic.twitter.com/TXKkdkmKQM

— Blake Robbins (@blakeir) June 24, 2019

when discord is down and ur mad at ur internet for not opening discodd pic.twitter.com/6gtZ7Uw1gc

— keatontruck (@keatontruck) June 24, 2019

Newsweek will update this story when the Discord global outage has been settled.