Disney Plus Bundle: What You Get in the Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN Plus Bundle

With Disney+ now launched as a rival to Netflix and Amazon Prime, subscribers are already having to think about which streaming services are worth keeping and which are not. As an incentive, therefore, Disney is offering a bundle deal where subscribers can get Disney+ (usually $6.99 a month), Hulu ($5.99) and ESPN+ ($4.99) for $12.99, a saving of about $5 per month.

However, the version of Hulu bundle subscribers gets is the limited version with ads, which also has another downside compared to the regular limited Hulu package. Subscribers who pay for Hulu on its own can watch shows like The Handmaid's Tale and PEN15 on two devices at once, whereas the Disney bundle only allows users to watch Hulu on one device at any one time.

Subscribers will also get a similarly limited version of ESPN+, with the bundle version allow two devices to be used at once rather than the usual five. Users can, however, also watch Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu all at once, making the bundle perfect for families.

According to the terms and conditions of the deal, there are some further things potential subscribers need to know. Firstly, the bundle cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, so those currently subscribed to the Hulu and Spotify bundle cannot take advantage of the new deal.

Those who are already subscribed to one of the three services individually can still take advantage of this offer, which is available now on the Disney+ website. This means that Hulu subscribers who already have the no-ad version or Hulu+Live can still take advantage of the deal, but will have to pay extra, with Disney refunding the $5.99 cost of limited Hulu each month.

disney bundle
Disney is available as a bundle with ESPN and Hulu. Disney

This revealed in the terms and conditions of the bundle, which reads in part that current Hulu subscribers: "Will continue to be billed by Hulu or such third-party that currently bills you for that Hulu subscription. You must subscribe to the Bundle with the same email address as associated with your existing Hulu subscription for Disney to provide you with a monthly credit against the Bundle price in an amount equal to the then-current retail price of Hulu's ad-supported plan (currently $5.99) for as long as you maintain that separate Hulu subscription."

What this meant cost-wise was explained by a user in the Disney+ Reddit, who wrote to a user wondering how much it would cost to keep Hulu with no ads plus the bundle: "You would be paying $12.99 for the bundle. And then $11.99 for Hulu No ads, but get a 5.99 credit, making it only cost $6. So $18.99 total."