Man Sues Disney after He Was Bitten by Rat on Wife's Wheelchair at Park

A couple are suing Disney for more than $15,000 after the husband was allegedly bitten by a rat at Disney World, as he tried to get the rodent away from his wife in a wheelchair.

In a lawsuit filed in Orange County Circuit Court, 59-year-old Galen Haldeman and his wife Carol said that their family was visiting the Orlando, Florida park in April 2014 when the incident took place. The lawsuit alleged that the Haldemans were heading to a Buzz Lightyear store when a large rat ran in.

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Another person at the park allegedly yelled "Rat!" and kicked the rodent, which then jumped on the wheel of Carol's wheelchair. The lawsuit stated that Carol would use a wheelchair when her back pain flared up.

As the rat was about to bite Carol, Galen caught the rodent. The rat then allegedly bit Galen's finger.

"Galen had to twist the rat's neck, and the rat fell to the floor where someone threw an empty plastic container over it," according to the suit. The lawsuit added that a Disney employee told people not to take photographs as he took the rodent away.

According to the Haldemans, Disney said that it would test the rat for diseases but did not. The lawsuit alleged that since the incident, Galen has had "debilitating medical problems" and incurred medical expenses along with mental anguish.

Carol has similarly suffered since the incident, losing support and comfort from her husband, the suit claimed.

The conditions that led to their being a rat issue with Disney World "foreseeable," the lawsuit alleged, adding that "Disney has an ongoing responsibility to take sufficient steps to eradicate such animals from its park."

The couple are seeking damages "that exceed $15,000." Walt Disney World Resort did not immediately respond to a request for comment.