Dive Into the Most Controversial Medical Treatments in the World With Netflix's Top 10

The world of wellness has long been controversial for promoting wild ways to find peace in health and lifestyle. One of Netflix's newest original series, (Un)well, takes a deep look into global practices that may or may not serve as reasonable medical treatments.

The series explores a range of topics—essential oils and bee sting therapy, tantric sex— so viewers are sure to learn something new about wellness lifestyles, whether or not they agree with the techniques.

(Un)well is just one of the shows leading Netflix's Top 10 this week. And while the rest of the most-watched movies and TV shows are certainly entertaining, we're positive that (Un)well will provide the most shocking viewing experience.

At the very least, though, we hope you find something in the Top 10 that promotes your own wellness.

Adian Gallagher on 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 2
Aidan Gallagher appears as Five on the second season of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy," which released on July 31. Christos Kalohordis/Netflix

The Lost Husband

This 2020 romance film is exactly what you need to curl up with for an emotional, heartwarming ride this weekend. Based on the 2013 book of the same name by Katherine Center, The Lost Husband follows a widow who moves to her family's farm in the hopes of starting a new life. There's love, loss and lots of sentimentality in the film, and maybe even a sense of fresh possibilities.

The Umbrella Academy

Netflix users loved this group of superheroes in season 1, and now a second is here for your quarantine binging pleasure. The Umbrella Academy story continues with a journey to the past to save the world, as comedy, adventure and mystery all strike at once.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

This week's leading animated film follows a boy and his dog as they travel through literal intergalactic adventures. But things get weird when they accidentally tear a hole in the universe—you know, as sometimes happens. A film of friends turns to an ultimate adventure, one that puts humanity on the line.

World's Most Wanted

Have you ever wondered who the most dangerous criminals in the world are? Netflix's latest true-crime series will tell you just that. Five individuals are spotlighted in their own episodes, which dive into criminal enterprises and what it takes to survive on the run from global authorities.

The Seven Deadly Sins

This anime series now has four seasons streaming on Netflix, and it's sure to catch your attention. The plot follows a group of anti-heroes as they try to take back their kingdom from a clan of holy knights.


TV's most beloved dysfunctional family, the Gallaghers, are streaming on Netflix—10 seasons of 'em. That means you can look all the way back to the kid's childhoods, and catch up with where they're at now, as adults.


Take a look into the bizarre therapies people around the world swear by for better health. While many are very controversial, some may have proven benefits. You'll be left with some questions, a bit of new information and a need to look within yourself for how far you're willing to go to feel great every day.

Work It

A college dream. A late father. A talent for dance. All of these things play into a high school senior's passion for dance and transforming herself before she gets to a bigger stage. This film is family-friendly and will make you want to dance along.

Selling Sunset

What happens when a group of women operates one of Los Angeles' best real estate groups? Lots of drama, giant sales and glamorous moments, of course. Season 3 of the reality series just debuted, and immediately sparked up online conversation about divorce, marriage and more.

Dennis the Menace

This 1993 flick definitely plays to millennial nostalgia in 2020, but who are we to judge? Dennis the Menace plays like a take on Home Alone—the kid's clever and mischievous in his attempts to evade a kidnapper.