'The Division 2' Story Trailer Has Private Beta Details And Previews the Three Factions Controlling D.C.

The latest The Division 2 trailer is here, focusing on the story of Ubisoft's upcoming shared-world shooter. The trailer can be watched below.

One of the highlights of the latest trailer for The Division 2 is the look at the three main enemy factions players can expect to fight. Hyenas are shown to be vicious fighters who fight in packs. This faction is likely disorganized and probably won't have access to the best gear, but they fight tough and use their numbers to overwhelm. Religious outcasts are briefly mentioned, so expect another faction to act similarly to the Eden's Gate cult in Far Cry 5. The last group mentioned are fascists, so they are likely to be the most heavily armed and organized group of the three.

We also get a glimpse at some of the opposition we can expect in The Division 2's version of Washington, D.C. One shot showed a suicide bomber with explosives strapped to his chest. You'll have to kill the bomber before he can reach you in order to survive against his deadly blast.

The final moments of the trailer also highlight what appears to be an enemy helicopter, with a squad of soldiers hopping out. This is likely the fascists, given their precise organization and top-tier equipment they are. These enemies will probably appear towards the end of The Division 2's campaign.

There's some pretty awesome firepower on display in the trailer as well. The clip starting at 1:23 shows a cool grenade launcher and a sweet collapsible crossbow can be seen at 1:39. The most interesting weapon in the trailer is the grenade/bomb/thing thrown at 1:45. It looks like several drones or spikes pop out and fly towards enemies. Whatever is going on there, it looks pretty cool.

In terms of overall story, The Division 2 takes place after the scare of the infection from the first Division game has died down. While there isn't much threat of infection, society is still in shambles, with lawlessness running wild across the country. It's up to the Division agents to fight for America's survival against those looking to seize control for themselves.

Sign up for a chance to join the Division 2 private beta Ubisoft

The trailer ends by confirming a private beta for The Division 2 will take place from February 7 to 10. To access the private beta, players must pre-order a copy of The Division 2 or sign up for a chance to play without making a purchase. Pre-ordering guarantees your spot, while signing up enters you into a lottery. Head to this site to sign up or register your pre-order code.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see what's next in the world of The Division? Did you sign up for a shot at joining the private beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.