'Division 2' Boomer Guide - How to Kill the First Raid Boss in Dark Hours

The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours raid is finally here, and it's really difficult. Boomer, the very first boss encounter in particular, is frustrating Agents more than anticipated. In this no-nonsense guide, we'll tell you how to kill Boomer so you can get through the rest of the bosses and beat the raid.

How to Kill Boomer in The Division 2

The very first boss encounter room features Miniguns. In order to take advantage of them, split up your two groups of four to handle each one. Once you have control of the Miniguns, use them to destroy the Immune Defense Systems as directed by the on-screen objective. After destroying all four Defense Systems, the encounter begins.

You'll start by facing a large swarm of enemies. You'll be tempted to use the Minguns here, but you're probably best off saving them for later. Kill enough grunts, and Boomer will finally enter the room. At least one player will notice a red eye icon on their screen once Boomer appears, and this means you have the focus of Boomer's attention. Keeping that gaze puts you in the line of fire, but it's also essential for killing the boss.

At this point there are two specific jobs for two members of your group. The Agent with Boomer's gaze should focus all their firepower on the green panel on the boss' chest, while also luring him to one of the machine gun turrets in the area. Once Boomer's back is positioned towards a turret, have another player unload on the red box on his backpack.

Division 2 Boomer turrets
Lure Boomer to a turret and unload on his back. Ubisoft/Streamer House @ YouTube

Do enough damage here, and Boomer will fall down and become fully exposed. It goes without saying that now's the time to do as much damage as possible. After that the Immune Defense Systems return, so you need to take them out once more before repeating the process again. You can also stop the systems from coming online by using the labeled computers in the room as well. The nearby monitors will display a letter A through D. Interact with the laptop of the same letter to skip the Immune Defense step. Once you have that rhythm down, though, the rest of the encounter is more or less rinse and repeat. Keep a constant close eye on Boomer's chest, lead him to the turrets and knock him down.

Division 2 boomer down
Once Boomer has taken enough damage he'll be brought to his knees. Ubisoft/Streamer House @ YouTube

Here are just a few of the possible rewards you'll get for beating Boomer. Note that all gear has a guaranteed Gear Score of 500.

  • Negotiator's Dilemma Nibble Backpack Blueprint
  • Wyvern Wear Didactyl Pad Holster
  • Military M60 E4
  • SRS A1
  • Gear Mod – Utility Protocol: Intensity
  • 586 Magnum

The loot drops are random, so your results may vary. That's all you need to know about killing Boomer in The Division 2's Operation Dark Hours raid.

The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2's first eight-player raid? Were you able to kill Boomer to move on to the next encounter? Tell us in the comments section!

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