'Division 2' Control Points & Resource Node Guide - How to Resupply for XP

The Division 2 features a complex Control Point and Resource Node system that isn't necessarily detailed too well throughout the course of the campaign. In this guide, we'll recap the basic mechanics at play and explain why this might be one of the best ways to get easy XP.

The Basics of Control Points

If you take a look at your map, you'll see several Control Points marked in red. You can choose to enter these areas alone or set off a signal flare in a discreet location to get help from AI companions. Whether you seek help or not, the basic idea is the same. Breach the area and take out all the enemy faction members inside. The more people on your team, the more foes you'll have to contend with. Just make sure to keep the situation under control for a few seconds while reinforcements deploy.

Division 2 control point
Liberate Control Points to get free loot. Ubisoft/Boomstick Gaming @ YouTube

Clear out the Control Point by turning it green, and you'll be given access to a Supply Store that's essentially a miniature loot cave. You can also use liberated Control Points for fast travel too.

Division 2 supply room
Each Control Point has a Supply Store that refreshes daily. Ubisoft/Boomstick Gaming @ YouTube

Maintaining Control with Resource Nodes

Once you take over a Control Point, you have the option of stocking it with donated components, food and water. You can ignore this part of the process and just take your current share of loot, but maintaining a Control Point has its own set of advantages.

Division 2 control point donation
Donate food, water and components to Control Points to keep them satiated. Ubisoft/Boomstick Gaming @ YouTube

For one, all the Supply Stores of your Control Points refresh daily. So, if you manage to keep several points in play at all times, you can log in each day and claim the reward. Donating to Control Points is also a nice way to earn XP outside of missions. If you're looking for creative ways to reach the level cap, this is one avenue to go down. With donations, your random loot basically becomes XP. Make sure the food, water and component meters at your Control Point are white. If they're red, you're not donating enough.

With this thought in mind, one of the best ways to get Control Point resources is by leveraging Resource Nodes. Resource Nodes are colored with red, white or green icons. If the node is red, you'll need to physically go there and liberate it. If it's green or white, AI malitia can mostly take care of it. When not contested, you can harvest from Resource Nodes to further supply a nearby Control Point. If you're feeling especially invested, you can also use the Resources perk to carry more resources than the standard amount.

Division 2 resource node
Resource Nodes contain resources that must be harvested for Control Points. Ubisoft/Boomstick Gaming @ YouTube

Keeping Control Points satiated can seem a little like babysitting at times, but, for the most part, AI militias do their job to keep perimeters safe. You just can't neglect a single Control Point for a crazy amount of time without another faction taking it over. Alternately, it's worth reiterating that this part of the game is totally optional. If it sounds like too much busy work, there are plenty of other ways to get XP. That's all you need to know about Control Points and Resource Nodes in The Division 2.

The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. For more help, be sure to read our guides on Skills, Perks, weapons, enemy types and more.

What are your thoughts on Control Points and Resource Nodes in The Division 2? Are you using this system to get XP? Tell us in the comments section!

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