'Division 2' Enemy Guide: Health Bar Colors, Archetypes & Factions Explained

The Division 2 features many different enemy types with a wide assortment of buffs, Skills, weapons and strategies. Especially if you're new to The Division or the looter shooter genre, sometimes it can be intimidating to figure it all out. In this guide, we'll outline the basic tips you should know.

What Health Bar Colors Mean in The Division 2

If you've played other looter shooters in the past, the enemy health bar colors featured in The Division 2 should look pretty familiar. For those who need a refresh, here's a quick rundown.

  • Red: You'll encounter these at the start of the game, and they shouldn't be that hard to deal with. These are your basic infantry grunts designed to be easy targets. Shoot them or grenade them with basic gear and they'll go down easy.
  • Purple: These enemies are a little more difficult because they have a shield in addition to regular health. They're still fairly easy to take down with modest gear, but you've got to be smart in your approach. The Division 2 is all about cover mechanics, so start using them. If you try to run up and melee these guys (or any of the next enemy types) you'll be sorry.
  • Gold: Gold enemies are essentially sub-boss characters most commonly found at specific story juncture points or on high difficulty levels. These guys are highly armored, but they have a good chance of dropping multiple items of high rarities if you take them down.
  • Yellow: These are Named Elite enemies that act as bosses in the various phases of the game. The type of gear you get from them depends on your level, their base archetype and where you find them. At best, this is your best way to get Exotic loot.

As a general rule of thumb, always shoot armored targets in the same spot to drain their shields faster. If you think you can go for a headshot, that's even better. As you continue to level up your character and gear, even some once-impossible battles can quickly become manageable.


The Division 2 also features a wide assortment of enemy archetypes that essentially dictate the kind of equipment they carry and AI patterns they have. Archetypes are accompanied by symbols. Here's an example of a few you may encounter.

  • Assault: These have a ^ symbol. Basic infantry. Leave these guys to mop up at the end.
  • Rusher: These have a lightning bolt symbol. They're generally carrying melee weapons or shotguns. Focus on them when they get close. Don't get lured out by them unless you have to.
  • Leader: These have a double ^ symbol. They're basically just a ranked-up Assault fighter. They deal more damage and are typically the focus of a quest. They buff enemies around them, so take them down fast.
  • Controllers: These have a wrench symbol. This archetype has turrets that provide continuous damage. Use grenades to ensure they don't keep operating.
  • Heavy Weapons: If you see a symbol that looks like an RPG round, that enemy has heavy explosives. Hit the ammo box on their back to take them out.
  • Sniper: These have a crosshair symbol. Get close to them to force them to use their terrible handguns.
  • Support: These heal nearby enemies, so it may be smart to prioritize them.
  • Tank: These are symbolized by a shield. They're bullet sponges, so save them till the end.
  • Thrower: These enemies specialize in grenades. Try to shoot them while they throw to do the most damage.
  • Special: These have a silhouette icon. These are your quest-based named bosses. Obviously, when they're present, prioritize them.


Within these archetypes you'll also encounter a few different Factions. Soldiers in these factions have different gear sets.

Hyenas: These are opportunistic Scavengers dressed mostly in green. You'll see a few different varieties of them.

Division 2 Hyenas
Hyenas are a largely female faction dressed in green. Ubisoft
  • Melee: You can pick them out via their riot shields.
  • Soldiers: These have gas masks and carry SMGs.
  • Grenadier: These have a dark face mask.

Outcast: These guys carry bows and tend to wear more yellow than some of the other classes.

Division 2 Outcasts
The Outcasts carry arrows. Ubisoft
  • Soldier: It has dark clothes with a hood. Carries an AR.
  • Bomber: Has a glowing gas tank strapped to their chest ready to blow.
  • Officer: These have a megaphone.
  • Bowman: Carries a compound bow.
  • Grenadier: Dressed in white with a bag hanging on their hips.
  • Heavy: Carries an RPK and often has a blade on their back.
  • Comms: Has a large antenna.

True Sons: This faction is former military and it shows. They look like army men with black face covers.

Division 2 true sons
True Sons are a militant group. Ubisoft
  • Soldier: Traditional ARs.
  • Riot: Shoot out foam via tanks on their backs.
  • Grenadier: Carries an SMG.
  • Medic: has a backpack with shock paddles. They carry a pistol.
  • Engineer: Often carries a semi-auto shotgun.
  • LMG: Carries an M60 with heavy armor.
  • Heavy: Carries a shotgun and a grenade launcher.

Black Tusk: You'll only see these in the endgame, which means you should be prepared to face them. They have a high-tech aesthetic and are dressed almost entirely in black.

Division 2 Black Tusk
The Black Tusk is 'Division 2's endgame faction. Ubisoft

Knowing these various enemy types can make your Division 2 experience more strategic, but memorizing every last detail isn't necessary for success. Once you see each archetype in action, you'll quickly learn how to defend against their special moves. With any luck, our intel helps make the process of saving D.C. a little bit easier.

The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 so far? Which enemy type gives you the most trouble? Tell us in the comments section!

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