'Division 2' Gun Guide: Best Weapons, Mods & Classes in the Game

The Division 2 has a large array of guns of many different types. In this guide, we'll outline the very best starter and mid-game weapons to compliment your squad. Need to know how mods work? We've got you covered there as well.

The Basics of Weapons in The Division 2

The Division 2 features seven basic weapon classes. Here's some background info on each one:

  • Assault Rifles: 30-round base mags, moderate recoil, average reload time, average damage and full-auto firing. Examples include the Remington ACR, Kalashnikov AKM and STEYR AUG A3. In general, these guns are competitive but not overpowered.
  • SMGs: Mags are 25-53 rounds, laser recoil, fast reload, decent damage and full-auto fire. Examples include the STEYR AUG A3, Socimi Type 821 and the Intratec Tec-9. You have lots of variation in this class, but they aren't effective over long distances.
  • LMG: Mags are 45 to 100 rounds, heavy recoil, high damage and long load times. Examples include the M60, Kalashnikov RPK-74 and FN249B. When firing these, accuracy increases the longer you hold the trigger.
  • Rifles: Mags are five to 30 rounds, heavy recoil, pronounced muzzle raise, average load times, high base damage and mostly semi-auto firing. Examples include the Winchester 1886, ACR and Springfield M1A. These are strong with high base damage and are best used at medium range.
  • Shotguns: Mags are two to 20 rounds with moderate recoil, long reloads, high base damage and semi-auto fiting. Examples include the MPS AA-12, Double Barrel and Remington M870. Stay close or you won't do damage with these.
  • MMR: Mags are five to 10 rounds, high recoil, long load times, high base damage and mostly semi-auto. Examples include the Mosin Nagant M44, Desert Tech Covert SRS and Remington M700. These are high-risk, high-reward guns.
  • Sidearms: Mags are two to 20 rounds, moderate recoil, fast reload times, weak damage and semi or burst firing. Examples include the Smith & Wesson PF45, Desert Eagle .50 Cal AE and Colt M1911. Under the right circumstances, these can be as good as a primary, but you have to fire from close range.

The Basics of Weapon Mods

Division 2 mod projects
Get mods by completing Projects around the Base of Operations. Ubisoft/GameGlitches Channel @ YouTube

Weapon mods offer small perks to the weapons in your inventory. They do things like increase crit chance, crit damage or buff damage to Elites. Unlike the original Division, however, mods in The Division 2 don't drop from the open-world. Instead, you have to get blueprints by performing Projects for NPCs. They're also available at the Perk vendor as well. Once you have a blueprint, the mod can be crafted at the crafting bench in your Base of Operations.

  • Mods have static rolls, so the unlock works the same for everyone.
  • They can attach to all eligible weapon types at once.
  • There are positives and negatives for each mod.

Some of the Best Guns & Mods You Should Know

Division 2 M60
The M60 is a very powerful gun if you can get its military version. Ubisoft/Mtashed @ YouTube

Especially at the start of the game, here are some of the best weapons worth focusing on:

  • M60: This is a solid LMG selection especially if you can snag the military variation of it. Both crit damage and crit chance can be improved with the right perks.
  • SR1: As a sniper, this is a solid option for its crit perks as well.
  • Tactical UMP-45: This is a nice SMG selection for its base damage.
  • Police M4 : If you need an AR, this is a real dependable, consistent early-game choice.
  • M44 Carbine: For the MMR, this one hits opponents like a sledgehammer. If you need a quick one-hit kill, this is a solid way to do it.
  • Tactical M249: It's similar to the M60, but its mods are best suited for taking down Elite enemies.
  • M1A CQB: This gun does damage to bleeding enemies and has an extended mag.
  • SPAS-12: For shotguns, this refills your mag after three consecutive body shots and has a 35 percent damage boost for 15 seconds.

The Division 2 is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Feel free to read our Dark Zone guide, leveling guide and enemy guide too.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 so far? What's the best weapon in the game? Tell us in the comments section!