'Division 2' Mask Guide: All 12 Hunter Mask Locations For Ghost, Demon & More

The Division 2 features 12 cosmetic Hunter Masks reserved for high-level players. For those who want to show off their accomplishments in the Dark Zone, these are the ultimate visual treat. In this guide, we'll reveal all the locations for each mask and explain how to get them.

1) Demon Mask : Head to the location marked on the map below, situated in Downtown East.

Division 2 demon mask location
The Demon Mask process begins here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

When you see this escalator, head down underground, go around the corner and up the large staircase ahead. This takes you to a grassy outdoor atrium. Hop on the platform to face the western windows like so. You'll see four targets that you must shoot from top to bottom. After shooting the fourth one, the Hunter will spawn.

Division 2 demon mask targets
Shoot these targets to spawn the Demon Hunter. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

2) Ghoul Mask : Go to the location marked here at night. It's essentially West Potomac Park.

Division 2 ghoul mask location
The Ghoul Mask quest starts here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

To the north of the Lincoln Memorial is a marked SHD cache near a sewer entrance. Go down, through the tunnels, up the stairs and activate this laptop.

Division 2 ghoul mask laptop
Activate this laptop to reveal where to go next. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Behind the laptop is a map with a marked construction site. Go here. If it's night, you should see a flashing lightbulb. Spawn the Hunter by shooting it.

Division 2 ghoul mask construction
The map takes you to this construction site with a flickering lightbulb. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

3 and 4) Midas & Revenant Masks: Head to this swimming pool in the western part of the map at night.

Division 2 midas mask location
The Midas Mask is located here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Just do some jumping jacks in the pool to get the Hunters' attention. In this battle and all battles against multiple Hunters, the Grenade Launcher can be a big help.

Division 2 midas mask pool
Mess around in this pool to spawn the Midas Hunter. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

5, 6, 7, and 8) Cross, Diamond Death and Phantom Masks: This is another challenge that must be accomplished at night. Go to this marked park with the Christmas Tree and head into the nearby coffee shop.

Division 2 cross mask location
The Cross Mask is located here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

In the back by the machine is this lever. Pull it then run around the tree to spawn four Hunters.

Division 2 cross msak lever
Pull this lever to fight a bunch of Hunters. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

9) Crimson Mask : Go to the East Mall courtyard marked below on the map.

Division 2 crimson mask location
The location of the Crimson Mask. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Head into one of the rooms, and you'll see this terminal to interact with. To spawn the Hunter, you need to hit the terminal and run to the opposite end of the courtyard to hit another terminal. You basically pass through the two sets of small doors on either side.

Division 2 crimson mask phone
Interact with this phone then run to the other end of the courtyard. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

10) Wraith Mask : Head to this southwest portion of the map east of the Safe House.

Division 2 wraith mask location
The location of the Wraith Mask. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Salute at this monument at night.

Division 2 wraith mask monument
Salute at this monument to spawn the Wraith Hunter. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

11 and 12) Ghost & Spectre Masks : Go to the Washington Monument as marked on the map below. It must be night for this to work.

Division 2 ghost mask location
The Ghost Mask is in the Washington Monument. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Get to the basement by dropping down the elevator shaft. When you see it, interact with this terminal.

Division 2 ghost mask termiinal
Approach this terminal to start the Ghost Mask puzzle. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

You'll see three highlighted spots on a map on the TV screen above you. Go to this spot in the memorial garden and salute to the nearby grave. Your screen will make a static effect when you've done it right.

Division 2 ghost mask spot 1
Go here and salute to the grave. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

The second spot is here. Salute the grave again.

Division 2 ghost mask spot 2
Go here and salute to the grave. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

The last spot is to the south.

Division 2 ghost mask spot 3
Go here and salute to the grave. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Go back to your starting terminal and press it to reveal an orange oval on the TV. Get ready to fight. These Hunters are tricky because they'll run away from you. You've got to kill them with your best Specialist ammo before they get away.

The first Hunter spawns here. You'll see him on the roof of a small building.

Division 2 ghost mask hunter spawn 1
The Ghost Mask spawns here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

The second Hunter spawns here, north of the first Hunter.

Division 2 ghost mask hunter spawn 2
The Spectre Mask spawns here. Ubisoft/WiLLiSGaming @ YouTube

Once you've collected all the Masks, you can see them on display in your Base of Operations. That's all you need to know about the Hunter Masks in The Division 2.

The Division 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

What are your thoughts on The Division 2 so far? Did you get every Hunter Mask? Tell us in the comments section!

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